Monday, December 11, 2017

A Year After | The Real Aussie Life

12.11.2017 – How a year would be different from what I’ve gotten used to from the one I’m experiencing in the past years. The last time I travelled to South Australia was a two-week Holiday trip in 2014 and 2015.

But last year was different the stay was longer and it was unexpected that things would eventually change. Things has have been a welcoming perspective at the same time challenging that few think is basking in the sun on a foreign country.

For some who personally knew me it’s not what you think. So here’s what I’ve learned living in the most provincial state of Australia. Flying for the third time to South Australia was unexpected and it was originally a Holiday vacation that would change the course of personal life.

The first three months gives me an even bigger perspective about Australia’s culture, and an eye opener when you see your own country’s current situation. Going back to the topic at hand the life in South Australia, which is similar to other countries, is the same with a different perspective.

What makes life in South Australia great like any place in other states is the structure they built-in like transport system, which took me a few months to familiarize with. Until now I still can’t believe I’m still here and thankful for the opportunity that presented. I got to learn to commute and familiarise with the bus, train and tram systems by Adelaide Metro.

The self-service culture that Australia like paying for your purchases either groceries or other goods can’t be found from the country I came from. The first time I went to camp for three days was something else. Traffic seems to be better last year this was due to this year’s developments in the city and the roads.

There are too many to enumerate but that’s how things here. It may be challenging right now personally with consistency, but still hopeful things would work out the way things has been from last year. I can’t say enough that it’s not a dire as I ever was but there’s so much to learn here everyday.

All I can say I’ll try as much as I can to make things happen. Because we’re not getting younger and sometimes I don’t need to tell you how thankful that I’m just see the photos I share in my social media and you’ll know it has been a year already.

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