Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ten Movies.

05.07.2009 - Last Sunday before seeing X-Men Origins: Wolverine ten minutes to screening time I passed by a nearby music store selling lowered priced DVD movies. One thing that caught my attention was the two volume box set of all of the ten Star Trek feature film from 1979's The Motion Picture up to 2002's Nemesis.

For PhP 1,500.00 pesos a volume containing five movies its a bargain divided to PhP 300.00 pesos per DVD. Of course you can't buy it individually. Its a set they couldn't break that you should want to see.

Now less than twenty four hours before the eleventh movie to kick in. This is one goody a Trekkie should not be missed in acquiring.

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  1. Wow! since I'm a trekkie newbie. Maybe this will help me a lot with getting oriented with the series. Thanks for sharing, I will be on the lookout for this boxed set next time.