Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ted is One F*cking Bear?!

06.06.2012 – Mark Wahlberg has not made a comedy this insane and definitely Ted IS Real. Nope I’m not talking about my good friend Tedi Villasor or that Teddy Ruxpin plushy that was owned by kids back in the 1980s.

Yes, Ted is Real and it’s a movie about a stuffed bear that came back to life and started blogging online about what he sees and do on a daily basis.

Interesting enough being owned by a kid who wishes his toy would come to life has a very nasty disposition. I’ve seen nice bears like “Care Bears” but this one has a dirty mouth that you can’t stop.

From the creators of The Family Guy here comes “Ted” a movie tells the life of a Boston native whose childhood wish for teddy bear to come to life.

The bear, Ted (voiced by Seth McFarlane) remains his best friend to his adult years. Until John Bennett meets girl named Lori (Mila Kunis) of dreams and conflict emerges due to Ted’s irresponsible and vulgar slacker lifestyle.

Ted is a surprising film that hopefully we get to see in the Philippines and I get the word out to be one of Mark Wahlberg’s light moments behind the heavy drama and action films that he used to portray.

Ted opens in cinemas on June 19, 2012 from Universal Pictures and IF its gets a Philippine screen date this will be distributed by Solar Entertainment and United International Pictures.


  1. I wonder if they will cut scenes because of Ted's potty mouth Mark...

  2. Just went through the clip. This is going to be the best movie ever! Hahaha!