Sunday, December 10, 2017

What Aussies Throw Out on their Lawn...

12.10.2017 – Whenever you need to let go old things like furniture or dining table usually they end up being sold in online sites like OLX, Lazada or even sold on eBay.

But in Australia that seems to be the same though not entirely you’d expect.

For some who hasn’t had the time to go online or have a garage sale they would just leave their old stuff in the front lawn.

It’s surprising that there are others who just don’t need to profit and sell their old stuff. But what if they put out things beyond furniture, appliances or even toys?!

I happen to walk around Marion, which is one of the city suburbs outside Adelaide, The usual walk around routine has always been a sight seeing some residents put out their old furniture’s like and couches near the dump or outside their houses. Usually the ones they put out are either broken and beat up. There are also some that are plainly old like old heaters or trolley to carry their grocery.

In the past two days it was just plain furniture. Even last night I saw someone put out their dinning set complete with table and chairs. But the last three days going to Regency Park was quite unusually surprise.

Recently taking the bus to Regency Park takes two trips, but the past weeks have been a learning experience when commuting in South Australia. I’ve been taking just one bus ride though it doesn’t stop exactly at the destination, which leaves me getting off Torrens road the other side of Days Road.

Days Road is where the street leads to Regency Park, but the one bus I have taken daily can only bring me to Torrens Road and then a cross walk to Boomerang Road connecting to Days Road which leads me to this street. Pretty much would confuse you if you’re not from South Australia. The past months ha taught me to familiarize with this daily routine that takes me 10 to 15 minutes getting to Regency Park.

So going through Boomerang Road is like the usual suburban area and on a Thursday morning that’s where I saw someone put out two boxes of toys. Yes, TOYS that’s been left out in the downpour. I happen to see a lightsaber and it isn’t even fake, but the read deal still working. As I rummage through the small pile of boxes seeing an action figure minus the accessories still complete without missing body parts is absurd. Usually the toys people throw out are the ones that are broken not like toys that are still complete and intact.

What surprised me seeing in those boxes are LEGO pieces from a Star Wars set and even some from the Marvel Superheroes set. The minifigures they threw out are still one piece with the exception that the kids who owned these toys mixed up the body parts. I was surprised about the stuff they put out just clearing their space. If this was in the Philippines you won’t see it being thrown out they’ve probably being sold or won’t last a day in their front lawn.

The following day I still saw the boxes and added some old clothes that would end up being donated somewhere, but seeing it being scattered all over the place I saw some toys that are sort of leftovers after I left some. But I was probably the first to dig up the stuff they have thrown out. As they say “One man’s trash is another’s treasure” and its true in that sense I’ve got mostly the good stuff.

Unfortunately I was generous enough to leave the Megabloks mini-mech figure from the HALO series, which I found its remaining arm and limb by Friday morning with a Hot Wheels Propper Chopper and a lone Piranha plant that was released last month as a Happy Meal toy for the Mario Series.

I still couldn’t believe they’ve thrown out toys like giving away money. It’s a different culture away from what I’ve been used to before. Probably moving forward I should keep an eye on some of the residents whenever I pass by Boomerang Road or any place nearby who knows what you’ll find in those boxes let’s hope its not a week old baby diaper or worse someone’s poop.

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