Thursday, January 25, 2018

Safety Footwear | Jackeroo Sonic

01.25.2018 – In Australia safety in the workplace is one of the important reasons why this is the standard for businesses to succeed.

When working in workshops that carry things safety shoes is one of the gears you need to get the job done.

Benchmark Products is best known for the Jackeroo brand and has manufactured a range of safety shoes that is exclusively available at Kmart.

Taking a look at Jackeroo’s Sonic appears to be a casual wear, but it’s actually a safety shoe that helps you get the work done at the same time a casual wear for the great outdoors.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Wonder Woman #37 | A Battle in the Philippines

01.14.2018 – Wonder Woman was a beacon of success for Warner Bros in 2017 outshining its contemporaries to the box office with Gal Gadot in the role directed by Patty Jenkins. The character’s popularity was the best parts of the not-so box office returns with Justice League, but not comparable to its comic book counterpart.

Recently Philippine mass media has chimed and hyped Wonder Woman #37 that has spilled all over social media since late December 2017. This just because the setting was in the Philippines?! This wasn’t the first time American published comic books have put the country as its background for a major beat down.

It’s kind of overblown that talked about this particular issue just because it was set in the Philippines. Besides that Darkseid has ‘boom tube’ his way to Metro Manila while battling Wonder Woman’s father Zeus, the Justice League showed up at last minute like how Filipino films do when Police arrive when the battle has ended and was there to clean up and help repair the damage after a major fight. The issue is the last story arc for “Children of the Gods” which was written by James Robinson with artists representing the country are Carlo Pagulayan, Stephen Segovia, Jason Paz, and Romulo Fajardo Jr. obviously make the setting in the comic book authentic with its Filipino elements down to the flying jeepney being thrown by Darkseid in the fisticuffs with Zeus.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Marion Library | Renew and Returns

01.13.2018 – Libraries in Australia is one the best places to find some quiet time and a good book to read. It’s very much alive that reading an actual book or browsing the latest magazine is probably a novelty in some countries that slowly being phased out as ‘cost cutting’ without thinking it still has benefits for most people.

I found a place to study or catch up reading some interesting topics, but rarely I borrow and take it home.

The first book I borrowed was overdue last January 11th, which was renewed for another month and now its time to return it.

Friday, January 12, 2018

12 Strong | Bruckheimer Produced Film

01.12.2018 – Epic war drama films are rarely appreciated these days especially based on actual events. But if it’s backed by a well-known producer aside from its stellar cast headed by Chris Hemsworth its something worth looking forward to seeing in the cinemas.

From blockbuster filmmaker Jerry Bruckheimer (“Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, “Black Hawk Down”), Chris Hemsworth (“Thor,” “The Avengers” films) and Oscar nominee Michael Shannon (“Revolutionary Road,” “Nocturnal Animals”) star in “12 Strong,” a powerful new war drama based on the best-selling book Horse Soldiers.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Red Sparrow | Provocative Trailer Reveal

01.11.2018 – Deadly spies and suspenseful drama all the right ingredients that makes a good action film that thrills making you want to think.

But add provocative with an attractive award winner like Jennifer Lawrence you’ve got something here.

“Red Sparrow” has provided some tease with J Law’s take on the Edward Award-winning novel based on the same name that 20th Century has released the full trailer.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Opinions | The Future of Filipino Children

01.10-2018 – “Nasa kabataan and pag-asa ng Bayan” (The Youth is the future of our Country) a Filipino quote by National Hero Jose Rizal.

When you look at it in the Philippines in the present day the youth needs an awakening in the modern times.

Personally, the declining attitude and how Filipino children being raised has been declining.

This is just observations from interacting with un-supervised children gaining access to social media like Facebook has been quite bothering.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Last Jedi | It Ended Before Awakens

12.20.2017 – By now you’ll probably have seen The Last Jedi in cinemas or you’re one of those fortunate bloggers I’m sure you’re selling it big time to see this film.

I’m actually holding back what I should be saying, but now I’ve seen it I’d say I’m practically half-impressed at the same time. Meh.

The Force Awakens is what brought everyone back to the galaxy from far away. Like everyone bedazzled I was as Yoda would probably say. But this one certainly is not channelling Empire Strikes Back like some who did a marathon the last 7 films.