Thursday, December 13, 2018

Takeout | Harsh Death & Killings

12.13.2018 – Independent comics or ‘indie comics’ has grown to be a popular medium to express their thoughts, personal life, and, their artistic desires to share a good story.

Comics, in general, is something that can’t be translated in movie or television it has restrictions and also something that can’t be made in another form although limited it has something that is unique when it's about storytelling.

With “Takeout” the meaning at first glance the thoughts would be about food that you order in a restaurant to go or in British term that is ‘Take Away.’

But the cover which was designed by interior artist Borg Sinaban gives you a different kind of vibe.

Indie Comics has grown to just about a simple slice of life but based on the culture that is happening in the Philippines.

Some would express their thoughts that they can’t verbally say instead they show it through the comics they produce away from the mainstream populace that generally see the usual themes. But not like these types of works independently produced by the writer and artists.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Crane & Turtle Garden | Oriental Divine

12.08.2018 – There are four privately developed parks in the city of Makati and each one of them caters to a specific resident or visitor. The biggest of the four is the Ayala Triangle Gardens, which sits in the heart of the business district that has gone through a lot of facelift in the last five years. It’s considered as the ‘Central Park’ but the size of the area is just a fraction of the one in New York.

The other three major parks are the Jaime C. Velasquez Park which is located in Salcedo Village, while the other two is the Legaspi Active Park, and across the neighboring area is Francis Sycip Park that has its own smaller park called the Crane and Turtle Garden which was opened on Valentine’s Day in2017.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Robots in Disguise | Getting Bludgeon-ed

12.07.2018 – When you talk about Transformers and the Decepticons you think about the usual bad guys that make up the faction. From Megatron, Shockwave, Starscream, and his seeker team they’re most known baddies that put the Autobots to shame. All of them have appeared in the classic cartoons, but the comic books are entirely different they flesh out more characters that you won’t expect.

Bludgeon is one of those characters that Simon Furman has introduced in the original Marvel published series that lasted up to issue 80. Then this series was revived from issue 81 to 100 by IDW Publishing with some retcons and continuation of the saga. But before the Marvel cancellation Bludgeon was heavily featured in that final issue that made this character memorable.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

MELÄG | A Whimsical Realm

12.06.2018 – There are so many independently published books in the Philippines that is rich in culture as well as told by the author inspired from their childhood.

Rarely, you see physical books highly appreciated and sometimes unseen due to popular opinion that going digital is the final frontier when it’s about reading. But the truth is buried by constant wave of raves through social media that often dictates how things should be. But for some who have a wide view of the little things that matter the smell of a newly printed book when you flip the pages and seeing the art is entirely different from the LED powered touchscreens.

In the case of MELÄG a compilation of short stories published by Bong Redila from his previously released works is quite an eye opener that leaps through you and shares his tales from his childhood that inspired them that are the simple things in life growing up in a province.

This is a thick book that tells a lot of stories based from his childhood to his daily experiences growing up. It’s entirely a silent comic that lets you think and admire his artistry. Each chapter is a treasure trove of details down to the inks that captures the bountiful and innocent narratives that defines this book.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Collective | No Good Deal

12.05.2018 – In the Philippines the interest in collecting comics, toys, trading cards, and other things that is a common hobby would be a lucrative business Collectibles Shops expanding not only in Greenhills, but also through social media not just the usual selling sites like eBay. This has been a big thing for most who embrace the collector market because of a huge community.

With that whenever there’s a convention or event there’s bound to be a stall or a table that sells interesting stuff such as one found during the recently concluded Manila Auto Salon that was more about custom cars and impressive exhibits that encompasses the motoring community. It’s surprisingly for such a huge event only less than a handful of sellers where there related to collectible toys.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Community Hangouts | Plaza Felipe Calderon

12.04.2018 – Metro Manila is composed of towns or Barangays in other countries as a term of a suburb. Within Manila there is a smaller town community. In those places they have their own history and if you ventured randomly you’ll discover something interesting in them. Plaza Calderon is one of those places that you will find in Sta. Ana what used to be just another random place in a small town.

Plaza Felipe Calderon as it is now known nowadays is considered a concrete park with benches, and a fountain in the far end of this area that you’ll find it facing the nearby church, the Parish of Our Lady of the Abandoned. This small space pays tribute to the Lawyer turned Politician who wrote the first Philippine Constitution who has been known as the “Father of the Malolos Constitution.”

Monday, December 3, 2018

Makati Street Meet | A Social Sunday

12.03.2018 – For the last five years the City of Makati organize these special Night Markets, which closes a section of Paseo de Roxas at the heart of Ayala Triangle Gardens. It has become part of the calendar season for the Business District which held whenever the ‘Ber Months’ signal the start of the Holiday Season. The usual ‘Makati Street Meet’ has the variety of foodies gather around for some good music.

This event continues to grow and has also become a weekend habit for most people living in the nearby area. For 2018 they have come up with themes that define each Night Market that is held every first Sunday of the month. This is much like some Sunday Market from another country. But with Filipino Festive vibe incorporated that makes it quite a unique experience.