Thursday, February 21, 2019

Werewolf Hunter Prokopyo | Full Moon Junction

02.21.2019 – There have been several folklores told about blood sucking vampires, but rarely a werewolf or occasionally lycanthrope have been in discussion or have become part of the Filipino folklore. Most of the stories about the creatures known as “Aswang” derived from the concept of vampires than shape shifting wolves which came from the European folklore. But the Aswang” are another form of werebeast that can be related to a werewolf type of creature although entirely different.

When you think about werewolves in the modern times there’s that pop culture connection from the Lycans in “Underworld” film series, Michael J Fox’s original Teen Wolf movie, and Taylor Lautner’s portrayal of a buff werewolf in the “Twilight Trilogy.”

There are other adaptations about these shape shifting hairy creatures in various medium, but these films that adapted this creatures stands out to having adapted them that are largely known for.

In Philippine Komiks rarely the werewolves tend to be the spotlight, but due to the popularity of the Filipino folklore other mythologies take a back seat. But recently the creators of Crime-Fighting Call Center Agents and Patay Kung Patay have produced another one-shot short story with elements of horror and comedy that turn out to be “Werewolf Hunter Prokopyo!”

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Sunday Bazaar | Local Hobby Meet

02.19.2019 – In the Philippines there’s a rarity when you talk about weekend markets. Most of this gravitates to being held at open spaces like football field, local city parks or an empty parking lot. These mostly relates also to more about food sellers or farmers catering their hard earned organic fruits and vegetables. There is also merchandise being sold like clothes and little trinkets or souvenirs.

But an overall weekend market is not a regular thing if you reside in a city like Metro Manila. There’s not much open space or even greenery to be that ever sustainable to promote a community that would be ever supportive in a consistent basis to that. But there are other things weekend market in the Philippines doesn’t namely relate to the hobby like toys and collectibles.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Komiket 2019 | Blissful Chaotic Vibes

02.18.2019 – In the Philippines every weekend there’s an event happening it is a music festival, an art show, or anything that is related to the local industry that has something to do with comics. Komikon pioneered in making local komiks relevant and it evolved that introduced other things connected to it namely merchandise like shirts, pins, and prints.

But mostly that event focused solely in promoting the Komiks medium while the rest is secondary. But with the introduction of Komiket it’s more of an Art Market that has produced a different kind of community since its inception in 2015. It caters not only to the komiks medium, but all things that can be produced and sold through art that simply stands out with what Komiket has to offer.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Conan without Borders | Travels to Australia

02.17.2019 – A few days ago Conan O’Brien officially announced through his social media that his next “Conan without Borders” travel segment is heading to the land down under in Australia. Of course, a lot are excited for this as an interesting adventure for the orange haired legendary talk show host.

Hugh Jackman, one of the famed Aussie celebrities who is popular in Hollywood has invited him for this one time opportunity to visit the country. He also revealed this in his monologue during Tuesday’s episode that he’s making the trip next week.

Friday, February 15, 2019

WFC Siege | Megatron Blasting Con

02.15.2019 – Transformers Generations in the past has been met with mix to positive views bringing them back from the classic cartoons. The Prime Wars Trilogy was the recent culmination of the brand that they can revive nostalgia back to the fans that grew up with the series. Hasbro has cemented Transformers to the collective consciousness again to its relevance.

Despite the recent negativity of the ‘Bay Formers’ films the toys continue to be innovative. After the Bumblebee Movie screening in cinemas, they’ve also slowly changed that perspective. Now the Generations line gets a new trilogy with War For Cybertron (not to be confused with the videogame) it beings with its first installment “SIEGE” introducing one of the two Voyager Class figures in Megatron!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Merchant of Oltrarno | Mysterious Wine

02.14.2019 – Fairytales do tell wonderful stories without the need to use what most people are familiar with namely comic book style layouts. It’s rare nowadays that attract a lot of people to this concept because more have gravitated to the idea as a current trend. Most would be turned off to this old-style concept reading words while the illustration is just the other side of the page.

Recent graphic novels that have found success in their first stories find the challenge to find the same organic narrative in their works that it takes years even decades to find the same groove. They say ‘you can’t rush art’ is truly an understatement and it still holds true to most talented creators out there. But for first-time authors it is a challenge to present them with new material for people to ‘get the hook’ and find inspiration, not in the usual graphic novel format is something more than just taking it to the next level. It’s about telling their own stories the way they envisioned their work for the very first time.

With Jay Ignacio’s latest book “The Merchant of Oltrarno” his very first work that he authored wasn’t that kind of grand announcement to the local comic book community. However, it was the power of ‘word of mouth’ and social media that had everyone found the curiosity of this book. For those who haven’t heard of Jay Ignacio, there’s an air of mystery for this gentleman with the passion for artistry in the Philippine scene. If you heard the name that sound familiar he’s been an artist in a different type of medium namely in the music scene.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Elise | An Emotional Colors of Life

02.11.2019 – There have been very exceptions when watching movies in the Philippines. It is rare that new concepts or inspired by western films make it to what is local films are made nowadays.

Sometimes you need a fresh new perspective and take the risk. These risks sometimes equate very little box office returns, but get positive critical acclaim due to word of mouth.

Sometimes it is very rare to have both, but with local films as a discussion, it is like digging for a diamond in a rough. With Elise it was probably something people should not take high expectations and trust those who have actually seen it.

There’s more to share about this film to avoid the ‘Spoiler Alerts’ and that’s where you might find this interesting.

Elise appears to be a romantic coming of age film that most have dismissed it just another tried and overused concept in the country.

But that’s just above the surface it’s actually a subtle film quite hardly noticed that would change your perspective about Filipino-produced films.

There was no huge expectation but this film deserves a second re-watch if you’re keen to be entertained.