Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Predator | Terrible Situations

09.18.2018 – Sometimes you ever wonder how to make certain franchise films stay relevant in this fast-paced world that revolves around social media.

“The Predator” was one of those films that you make or break the bank. With Shane Black attached to directing this film it has a momentum to make it. But it also will depend on the cast that make up this latest iteration of the film that Arnold Schwarzenegger made famous for. It’s a sci-fi suspense action that Black has put together as its fourth film.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Cultural | Death of a Movie Experience

09.17.2018 –Movies are supposed to be fun its how we get entertained seeing these films in the big screen. It supposed to keep us distracted and got us engaged in what we’re seeing and these days that form of ‘movie-going experience’ is slowly getting outdated by the day due to piracy and the age of streaming.

Last night I’ve got the chance to see the latest installment of “The Predator” with a friend. It was one of those science-fiction films that have been trying to be introduced to this generation.

I haven’t been reading many details but it got Olivia Munn as one of the leads in this film and I wasn’t there to see the actress but “The Predator.”

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Pop Hub | Mixed Festival Feels

07.16.2018 – There are many events in the Philippines that caters to local artistry and fandom. The community is something worth enough growth to see that there is interest in comics, movies, and other property out there. You got yourselves a group that cater to these interests but organizing an event that stands out needs a voice.

This is where Pop Hub comes in as organized by Prime Trade Asia, the same company that host the annual Philippine International Bookfair. It’s the latest event that they came up to promoting the local self-published artist at the same time invited local communities that are into fantasy and science fiction hosted in the small venue in the second level of the SMX Convention Centre.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Cold Spots | A Chilling Mystery

09.06.2018 – The horror genre is rarely an interesting afterthought in the graphic novel realm. It’s a challenge to scare people when it comes to printed material.

It’s way better to scare people when it comes to movies and television it gives the suspense a little more kick in the nerves. Sitting there and trying to get through the next scenes is something a challenge when you watch it.

In graphic novel form it’s really that difficult to put scare in the visual when it comes to printed pages. It’s how you make an introduction that keeps the interest building up already.

With Cold Spots you get that shivers before the punch line hits you in the gut with that immediate scare. Cullen Bunn has put the scare in graphic novels with a mystery already churning up your mind to wonder what happens next.

The visual of course is something to get your head wrapped around. Mark Torres has established himself with the type of work he’s tied up to scaring people. “Zombies VS Robots: Undercity” and “The Shrinking Man” is something to look back to his previous work as something to find out what type of projects has built his resume to be this interesting from cover to the last page.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Lindol Comics | Earth Shattering Survival

08.28.2018 – Writing and conceptualizing a story takes a lot of risk which faces new challenges how this will be relatable to a bigger audience.

In this generation where independent comic books that may or may not find its audience its how who present them in a manner that people will find the curiosity.

“Lindol” (Earthquake) is one such series that it took a lot of effort to produce. It’s a series set in post-apocalyptic world ravaged by the nature itself. Its not that there was a technology that has gone out of control and shaken the very fabric of humanity.

It’s a story of a number of people that have been affected by a tragedy that some can’t explain that may happen in real life if we’re not prepared for the worse.

But the question there is how prepared are you? Clearly the answer is no because Earthquakes are a phenomenon that it’s still being figured out by science. Its one of the most challenging stories to tell and it’s commendable that Tedi Villarsor took great risk in trying to tell his story about these rag tag group of people.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Don't Panic! | The Struggles of Jared Paige

08.23.2018 – Australia is not just influenced by the American culture when it comes to graphic novels or comic books. Most of the independent scene is starting to build up in South Australia thanks in part for Greenlight Comics in supporting the grassroots in getting their voice heard when it you talk about self-published material that is rarely seen in other countries that is dominated by established publishing houses. Original graphic novels created by writers and artists are a rare thing nowadays that is dominated by the superhero genre that is being mined in other multimedia.

But there are others you want to stretch their creative juices and rarely does it get the spotlight. Sometimes it stands out due to the art style or how compelling the narrative is well written. Then there are both combinations that you might catch it like lightning in a bottle.

Then there’s Ben Mitchell a graphic artist who have found his creativity in telling his story. His first graphic novel “The Storm Clouds” had a cult following in some parts of the Australia region. The New South Wales-based artist has found a hit in his original creation that spawned two more books. It’s impressive that his self-published work is getting quite the word of mouth with “Storm Clouds” going on several more print runs. But “Don‘t Panic!” the sequel to the beloved series may be something more than Jared’s story.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Random Talks | Inside Dr. Mike 2000's Mind

08.08.2018 – In today’s self-published graphic novels there are diverse creative individuals who made their own mark in the culture. South Australia is ripe for what could be the golden age of independent work thanks in part to Greenlight Comics support of the grassroots and cultivating creativity among the writers and illustrators.

There’s an abundance of original ideas out there that needs to be told. One of them is Mike Cooper better known to his pen name Dr. Mike 2000 who hangout for a chat at City Cross one fine rainy Monday afternoon.

He shares his beginnings and why he likes to tell psychedelic weird alien cultures.