Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Flippin' Pages | It Wasn't Duran Duran

12.12.2017 – Rarely I’ve been reading comics lately as I’m always out of the house of the time and when I’m home I’m doing something else. For a time I could have enough hours to read comic books with the exception of the stuff I got from friends back in the Philippines that I currently loaned to Ross of Greenlight Comics to try out the Filipino flavour of what some of the people I knew had to offer.

So basically I just browse pages these days whenever I have a chance to visit Greenlight, which that happened a few days ago after attending the last Comic Lovers and Creator’s Meet at Grace Emily Hotel and the Adelaide Ladies Comic Club to sort of ‘market” the aforementioned books and see what they think about some of the ones I have read like Gerry Alanguilan and Kevin Ray Valentino’s “Bakokak” or Budjette Tan, JB Tapia and Bow Guerrero’s sequel to the 2012 graphic hit Demon Dungeon aptly titled now as “Classificado.”

But I’ll save the personal review for Classificado and Doorkeeper in the next few weeks. For now, while I was at Greenlight Comics, I just happen to come across a book about “Duran Duran, Imelda Marcos, and ME” by Lorina Mapa, a Fil-Canadian who happens to publish this book early this year.

Monday, December 11, 2017

A Year After | The Real Aussie Life

12.11.2017 – How a year would be different from what I’ve gotten used to from the one I’m experiencing in the past years. The last time I travelled to South Australia was a two-week Holiday trip in 2014 and 2015.

But last year was different the stay was longer and it was unexpected that things would eventually change. Things has have been a welcoming perspective at the same time challenging that few think is basking in the sun on a foreign country.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

What Aussies Throw Out on their Lawn...

12.10.2017 – Whenever you need to let go old things like furniture or dining table usually they end up being sold in online sites like OLX, Lazada or even sold on eBay.

But in Australia that seems to be the same though not entirely you’d expect.

For some who hasn’t had the time to go online or have a garage sale they would just leave their old stuff in the front lawn.

It’s surprising that there are others who just don’t need to profit and sell their old stuff. But what if they put out things beyond furniture, appliances or even toys?!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

A Giant Frog & Some Common Sense

12.07.2017 – “Bakokak” sounds like a combined term of a Japanese word and the sound of a frog. In fact, it’s seemingly un-Filipino about the way the title is, but either way, it’s something new from Gerry Alanguilan with Kevin Ray Valentino providing a spectacular art bringing this graphic novel to life.

It was released recently at Komikon in November and its Gerry’s latest book since “Rodski Patotski: Ang Dalagang Baby” with Arnold Arre (Mythology Class, Trip to Tagaytay). So far I haven’t got any idea was the book is all about and the first impression on the cover has something to do with a frog, which explains the “Kokak” part of the title.

It was the first time not being able to attend Komikon since the very first one in 2005. But going back to the book it features the artwork of Kevin Ray Valentino who had no formal art training and took him nearly three years to have this book made.

The premise for Bakokak is fairly simple a giant frog wreaking destruction in a populace, but it set in an alternate future where the Philippines is a forward developing country that came under attack from this creature.

In reality, it would be hilarious IF there was a giant frog going through Metro Manila and destroying every building that it steps on and that’s basically the story.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Sunday Market | Breezing Through Traffic

12.04.2017 – It was another Sunday Market at Marion, which happens every first Sunday of the month.

This was personally my second time to go here, but it was a quicker trip to go through the vendors and people who just want to clear their garage or shed.

Basically yesterday’s Sunday Market wraps up for 2017 with this gathering.

It was a gloomy morning and last time they held the event in the main soccer field, but for this month they have organized the event in a smaller venue selling their old stuff and there’s not much of interesting to look at although great to see new faces as Sunday Markets at Marion are not the usual sellers.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

City of Adelaide | Christmas Lighting

12.02.2017 – Yesterday’s Christmas lighting at the Victoria Square was packed with a huge turn out for the festivities, which officially starts the holiday season.

Though I only made it towards the tail end of the event it was quite a sight since I’ve been into these events every year back in Manila.

For Adelaide this was one of the highlighted events towards Christmas. The pageant last week was a sign that spring has ended and welcomes the Summer Holidays, while the lighting of the digitally powered tree was the beginning of Christmas.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Thoughts About | Inside Marion's Library

11.29.2017 – Libraries are an essential part of society that’s one part of helping educate not only future generations, but also a place of information, arts, entertainment, and culture.

The modern library now is not just about books it’s also a place for learning.

These days the library in the Philippines is considered ‘a lost art’ as most people born after the internet explosion is either glued to their Facebook and other social media.

But in Australia for a country that’s forward thinking and keeping up with modern times has kept their libraries modernized and updated that seemingly impressive.