Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Film Press Review | Keeping Up with the Joneses

10.19.2016 – There have been memorable comedy films that mix it up with action and suspense.

Then there are films that tried to capture that moment but in the long run things might not turn up as what you expected to be.

“Keeping up with the Joneses” is that sort of fun film that try to be what the title is and at the same time going the extra mile for making it a movie that you’ll find the entertainment value featuring an ensemble cast that found its chemistry. But there’s more than just a film about family relations that made it watchable.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Anime Cons | Inside the Animax Carnival 2016

10.17.2016 – Animax Carnival has been consistently hosting events in the Philippines as far back to 2012, but if you’ve been around longer they’ve been having small scale events way back in 2005 when the cable channel was launched the year before.

But it wasn’t as consistent that they’ve organized the event annually until “Animax Carnival” was launched, which became the yearly anticipated ‘anime convention’ in the country. It’s been years since I went to a convention that became a staple in the Philippine culture since the ‘anime’ became a mainstream thing.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Samsung Store Launched on Lazada

10.16.2016 – These days it’s difficult to make the trip to physical stores due to traffic and time.

Technology is changing that with online stores becoming ever present the most convenient way to shop and it helps to be flexible.

This also a benefit for both client and customer as buying things like mobile phones can be done online too.

Samsung Electronic Philippines Corp. (SEPCO) and Lazada E Services Philippines Inc. announced today the launch of the official Samsung store on Lazada. Consumers can now shop Samsung products with ease and convenience online.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Synergy 88 Contributes for Gears of War 4!

10.15.2016 – Videogames are like almost on the same level as animation, movie and television now. But more of between animation and live action, which is interactive as gamers have the control of the narrative where it will take them. What makes it interesting is how the quality has become is close to live action.

In the case of “Gears of Wars 4” the game has truly evolve both story-wise and quality when it was launched four days earlier. The Coalition has put together the best production for this game that included the company in Synergy 88.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Yuchengco Museum | Eduardo Castrillo @ 50

10.14.2016 – Award winning artist Eduardo Castrillo known as Nationalist Sculptor, jewellery designer, monument maker, and pioneering radical in visual arts has celebrated 50 years for his creativity as an artist who passed away May of this year is being honored and having his works exhibited at the Yuchengco Museum.

This launched also the Samsung Culture Connect in July for his contributions that featured all his creations, where they had a photo contest and the winners was present for the awarding ceremony last night.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bestselling "Fallen" Now a Movie!

10.13.2016 – Another bestselling novel is being adapted as a new film franchise similar to the success that made the ‘Twilight Saga” popular with young adults.

This is based from Lauren Kate’s paranormal romance titled “Fallen.”

The upcoming film will feature up and coming actors to portray the popular characters that made the book series known.

There have been three books that followed “Fallen” a possibility that it would also going to be adapted to film.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Gal Gadot is Mrs. Jones in “Keeping Up with the Joneses!”

10.12.2016 – From car movies to being an Amazon Princess and now Gal Gadot moonlights as a Spy Agent in “Keeping Up with the Joneses,” but the Israeli born actress is not always serious in her previous character roles she can do comedy too.

The other half of the spy agent husband-wife team that resides in the neighbourhood next to the Gaffney’s is not always all seriousness. They may appear like perfection but certainly there is also the humor side to these secret agents. But for Gal Gadot this might her first foray to an action genre that has comedy also written to it.