Friday, August 3, 2018

The Darkest Minds | Jennifer Yuh Nelson Live-Action Directorial Debut

08.03.2018 – Exploring different aspects of supernatural in films that gives you a different sense and exploration through the human mind.

“The Darkest Minds” will be the first live-action film for director Jennifer Yuh Nelson, best known for her work on the Kung Fu Panda franchise. The movie is an adaptation of the best-selling book by Alexandra Bracken, the first in a YA trilogy (The Darkest Minds, Never Fade, and In the Afterlight).

Sunday, July 29, 2018

MOD.IFY | It's Not What You Know.

07.29.2018 – In world of ever changing and evolving technology we stand in the edge of breakthrough. If you combined it with modern contemporary art the result can be thought provoking that open its doors to new things that few can imagine. MOD had recently opened and presented its first ever immersive exhibition of what the future can be and there’s nothing like exploring the unknown through art.

With its very first exhibition titled “MODIFY” (stylized as MOD.IFY) it asks you the question what is reality to you? How do you know what is possible and not? This exhibit takes you to this journey to open your perspective and give you an idea what can be the future and challenge what you think you know.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Random Talks | Sam Leach & Art

07.28.2018 – MOD is the latest interactive gallery in South Australia, which is located at the University of Adelaide along North Terrace. The first exhibition titled “Modify” (Stylized: MOD.IFY) opened it doors since May and will close on October 2018. It features a diverse and impressive interactive art and installation that will simply open your mind that will give you curiosity.

The first show featured two artists one of them is Archibald Award winning and Doctor of Philosophy (Fine Arts) named Sam Leach who is just about to wrap up his six weeks of being the “Artist in Residence” who also had a special lecture gallery last 4th of July that shares his works and how his art impacts technology with his show as part of the “Birds and Bees” exhibition and had the chance to talk to him about it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Ocean's Eight | Cleverly Underrated

07.25.2018 – There have been numerous heist films that has been adapted with diverse concepts, but there’s nothing like the original. The Ocean’s Trilogy changed the way you watch these types of film. It became commercialized that many had follow suit to produce their own heist movie.

With that you got to find something original worthy of the audience’s attention. Ocean’s Eight seems to be a refreshing look that spins-off from the trilogy. This time its features an all-women ensemble cast featuring Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett leading a new crew.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Random Talks | Multi-Talented Spike Spencer

07.22.2018 – An American voice actor or actress’ career has been a job few have ever dreamt. Because off being the voice behind the characters they don’t need to be seen and appearance is not needed for this job. It has to be defining by talent not by how you look because inside the recording booth you have to diverse and very much talented to deliver the lines of the character given to you.

Spike Spencer is one of those talents who is diverse and can lend his voice to the character he needs to portray. He’s been in the industry for more than thirty years and as passionate as Spencer he’s living the dream of a voice actor ranging from animation to videogrames few have done and he’s here at AVCon 2018!

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Random Talks | The Passionate Neil Kaplan

07.21.2018 – There is passion inside every individual out there, but you’ll never see hear from it until they speak about it. This can be interest for automotive, movies, or even building a LEGO set. This is the reason why diverse cultures thrive to be great in sharing unique ideas on what we adore about and writing is what keeps me going.

Personally, I rarely go to events nowadays with the change of lifestyle and interest mainly focused on what I try to learn from my studies, though there are times you can’t stop appreciating what you’ve done before. AVCon 2018 is happening this weekend and they’ve invited me back unexpectedly for another chance to experience their events this time granting interviews to guests.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Mental Health | Dealing with Depression

07.18.2018 – Let me share something to you on a personal level. Rarely would I speak about my life here overseas on a blog. Usually it would be relatable for me than directly that something to do with my current disposition. We as a human community have each individual lives to deal with everyday. They are mostly good days and most us would rather not share the challenges we face on a daily basis.

The things we do to better ourselves have cost and effect. We might offend or hurt anyone close to us, but not taken personally it’s just how we’re not perfect. For those who have been living the dream I’m happy for you nonetheless. But for some who face difficult times like I do we can survive because hope is not lost.