Friday, September 27, 2019

Trese 7: Shadow Witness | Masterful Adventures

09.27.2019 – There locally self-published original comicbooks out there and then there’s Trese that started out being produced in photocopied pages made into ashcans that were stapled together and that was more than a decade ago.

Fast forward from today it is considered as one of the very few and rare success stories that broke the mold and has accumulated a huge cult following that continues to multiply with each success of the book's releases.

The steady hands of co-creator Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo has produced one of the best partnerships in comicbook fandom in the Philippines not only presented their original series for the local scene, but also gained a following in the international community that has a diverse culture for its original creations.

You can argue that their ideas are not original as anyone thought, but they put together what inspired these two masterful gentlemen into crafting one of the most interesting characters from a country that thrives in Filipino Supernatural Mythology.

Alexandra Trese is her name and she’s the star of “Trese,” one of the most consistent series that has finally released its seventh volume since its last in 2014.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Traffic Horror Tales | 3 Hour Quiapo Trip

09.26.2019 – The month of September is almost done and as the day goes by traffic has become far worse than you’ll ever think to live in a densely populated area in the Philippines.

Every day it has become part of the daily grind for most Filipinos living in a city as things have become gloriously terrible by the hour.

If the local mass transportation has not evolved in the last two decades and the dwindling sidewalks that include proper pick-up points were not enough to be taken out by road widening projects. Then things get more horrible than the usual horror stories you encounter every day while on the road in this part of the country.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Timezone | Nostalgia on the Arcade Games

09.21.2019 – Usually the day is packed with so many things to do, but back then there were simple things that what used to be a place to hang out and relax. Now, these days it is just about staying at home before the weekend of watch some movies with friends and family either in the cinema or the confines of Netflix.

But a decade ago it was with fellow enthusiasts and some friends who share a common interest.

And then there’s the arcades which is for some a bygone era where it has sort of become obsolete for most who have the game consoles or most of their time spend their free hours on their phones as technology has changed all that.

Friday, September 20, 2019

OPPO A9 2020 | Launches the Newest Smartphone

09.20.2019 – Technology development is in a rapid speed with mobile phones are evolving over time with how people use them. The evolution to communicate has just become its secondary use that other brands take advantage what people really need besides talking to someone on the other end of the line.

Recent launch of OPPO A Series 2020 answers the call to bringing their latest product that defines the smartphone is for this generation.

It also gives you an idea where they are taking you to the future of communication that adds entertainment as one factor for their latest mobile phone that you’ll surely find out.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Manila In't Book Fair 2019 | Scenes From 1st Day

09.12.2019 – The fortieth Manila International Book Fair has finally opened.

It is the biggest annual ‘book’ event that brings educators, publishers, writers, creators, illustrators, fans, and everyone who still appreciate reading a good book or a graphic novel that sparks imaginations and inspirations.

To sum up the late afternoon trek to the SMX Convention Centre is a prelude to the wild that is about to happen this weekend. For someone who has been visiting this event since those school days this event never loses its lustre.

Every year there’s something to look forward to and for this year it’s some books that where hyped.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Assembly Grounds | Eat, Shop, & Relax

09.02.2019 – There are Condominiums and then there are Malls. But Condo-Malls in the Philippines has been around in the last five years with these hi-rise residential areas being developed chances are there’s a mini-shopping centre underneath as added convenience for those moving in these places.

Previous hi-rise residence needs for them to go out their living space to eat, dine, or shop, but with the recent Condo-Malls like Shangri Properties “The Rise” and its Assembly Grounds changes the way you live in the city.

It used to be an empty lot more than a decade ago is now almost complete residential in North Makati.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

New OPPO Service App | Experience VIP Customer Care

08.29.2019 – It is rare that there are warranty supports for mobile devices in the Philippines. Mostly these service centers are either overseas or considered satellite stores, not in the country.

It is challenging to know that there are companies who would eventually invest to make sure their foothold in becoming the best product out there and OPPO is one company that does it.