Sunday, August 30, 2015

How to be Inconvenient…

08.30.2015 – It was Sunday and this should be down time and the holiday extends to Monday. You’ll expect there will be less traffic which is good. But what about less public utility buses travelling in and out the city seemed like it was holy week.

I always have a usual routine on Sundays whenever there’s an art launch happening at Secret Fresh. For this day it’s the launch for two visual artists collaborating, but due to almost zero buses plying within the city, add rain then you got inconvenienced.

There was news in the past few days that a group just started picketing in the middle of an intersection of Shaw Boulevard and EDSA, which has been ongoing where reports say they will be there until September 4th.

Just to avoid all the brouhaha that has been happening there if you ask me I don’t bother and discuss about it. For starters A LOT of people has shared their thoughts in social media mostly Facebook that led to some of their contacts unfriending them. They said Saturday was the worse, but never in the back of my mind that it would cripple other people’s business with all this happening and they say it gotten terribly worse. But back in the city I thought things where getting better but this was really unexpected to find out travelling out of the city was this difficult.

The options getting out were already difficult when there have been rare buses travelling and at the same time it was raining. The country has been going through a lot lately with OFW getting their “Balikbayan Boxes” physically inspected took a backseat to all this rampant shenanigans hampering a major road.

It’s obvious the lack of buses and long lines of commuters deciding to take the MRT as the only alternative to get home. Earlier things have been building up to this and its unfortunate not getting the chance to go to my destination. Its going to get worse for the next few days who are regularly travelling to their destinations. The new week begins with challenges and its evident how you’ll see the economy looses a lot of money due to serious grid locks.

The crowd has doubled waiting under the shed of strong rains and the MRT? It felt like it was Monday already so go figure. While the roads are clear from traffic the build up won’t be felt until you get to Guadalupe, where you can see it from a distance that the traffic is seriously that bad on a frickin’ Sunday.

This consolation ending up in the mall up to closing time and for some that definitely sucks badly. Expect more ranting on Facebook and Twitter feeds to have the same feeling being stuck on an actual grid lock only this time in the digital cyberspace.

It might be the first time to turn up early too since there’s nothing good on television unless you have stacked up something to read. But then again its you’re on prerogative to have your own freedom of expression, which I chose not to join the bandwagon even though the feeling is mutual with all the situation happening at a rampant space while we headed to another grinding week.

Right now I could need a Happy Meal or two so who’s with me?

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