Friday, February 4, 2011

Angel Locsin: A Goddess with Imperfections.

02.04.2011 - one of the most beautiful faces in the Philippines admits she's not perfect.

If your a celebrity and billions of Filipinos takes up for your example.

Some might take it to the extremes to nitpick on how you look or do with your life.
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Not everyone would tend to agree but the way Angel Locsin admits not being perfect, and give her a break with all that gaining weight. A lot of people mentioned or I get to read online that's she's down to Earth. Probably she is but all I can say IF I ever meet her I'll find out.

Yahoo! Philippines Entertainment posted an article about her admitting to gaining weight and apologizing to her fans. All I can say nobody has the right to dictate to anyone what they should be or what they shouldn't.

Every guy likes her or some would probably been wishing to fall for her, but in my case of a casual fan. I'm just impressed to say she's a goddess who admits not being perfect.

That is one personality trait I rarely hear from anyone with the likes of an Angel Locsin. Now who would like to wish Angel Locsin to be her girlfriend? Probably I won't but anyone can say its FREE to dream.

Personally I'm just proud there's still people like her who admits mistakes and imperfections.


  1. I agree with that Mark. She is one of my favorite pinoy actresses and I am happy that she admits to not being perfect despite other people that want to be perfect.

  2. i admire everything about her..i really do,wish i could meet her one day. i'll be so delighted.

  3. angel locsin is my crush actress in the tv shes very baeutiful gurls nhow ilove you angel tc

  4. we had a shoot last week. She was amazing, beautiful in every angle. She's the most beautiful woman ive seen whose weight gain has become a big deal to a lot of people and has been exposed to criticisms. the newly gained fats were distributed perfectly. =) she's not the ramp model sexy but she is an hourglass JLO sexy. very nice and easy to work with. one of her endorsements, made a perfect description about her, Beautiful inside and out. Napakagandang tao. walang ka-ere ere. Napakagalang.Napakapatient. Kahit pagod cheerful pa rin. I was not a fan before. But now I am one of her biggest followers.