Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Little Box of Appreciation.

02.28.2012 – Two weeks ago I received news about another box arriving from San Francisco. I was informed by my good friend that he had sent it through his in-laws and as expected it came for to pick it up on February 15th.

Now is that odd to have a post-Valentine present? Of course it was expected that it would be arriving any time soon but I didn’t expect to get it well after Valentines Day. Though this is like just below one-third of the one I got in December it has lots of love.

Actually this is the third time to receive a package and I think I owe more than appreciation in return

All I can say is there’s nothing more rewarding than receiving little things than expecting big. Thanks to my good friends based in other countries this is more than anything. I mean I got toys from Australia and from another state of California.

Even without asking they just come in and let me know I’m receiving something without explanation. Of course this one was already expected and I still have some left there that can’t be sent due to its size. Probably one friend who is leaving in March would “hopefully” help me get it.

So what’s in this box? This would be nothing that would be as interesting to other toy collectors. Probably anyone is reading this useless thought of blunder right now would just say the toys I’m getting are rather cheap. Well I can’t please you or anyone if these are gifts right?

Like two color versions of the Ken Block Ford Fiesta (the white version has not reached the Philippines), The K’Nex Mario and Yoshi mini figures, and The Speedstars Target Exclusive Lead Foot that was just sold for a dollar during their Christmas stocking stuffers (in which we will never have in this country). In this box my personal favorite would be Mario and Yoshi adding up to have Lugi with his bike to the roster of growing mini figures.

I won’t have time to open them just like the other stuff I’ve been getting and I’m sure there’s another box coming with two less interesting characters from the Marvel Universe. This character based from the movie is up on clearance and the other would be hard to find if you know Cyclops brother from his father.

For now I would probably be opening Mario and Yoshi this week given the time I’ve been out of the house most often. But to my good friend and his sons who has been great to me thanks for these wonderful toys.

Hopefully I get to return the favor for all the efforts and I just read somewhere that another good friend based in San Diego is sending me some stuff in March.

Now… Now I have to get that guy something for his manly needs. Haha!

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