Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Train Commuters: Don't Block The Doors?!

04.12.2011 - The Metro Rail Transit has been one of the basic transportation in the Philippines. How can anyone choose taking the bus or the jeepney for something fast and convinient?

Most commuters would take the train and during peak hours it gets horribly the most packed transportation.

But for most of the time its not always that crowded in certain times.
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I've been wanting to write about the commuters themselves, who travel using these trains. Sometimes you get disappointed for the lack of self dicipline. Nobody is perfect to say anything against anyone, but you can never say to pin point the lack of common sense being warned by the announcer to stop blocking the doors.

There's ample space in the isle on normal hours, where the train is not entirely crowded.

What's up with crowding the doors inside the MRT train? Are you in a hurry to get off when your stop is at the Trinoma station? Surely you can't just stand there, and block the only exit or as I see it almost all the exits?

Even at peak hours where a huge crowd packing the main doors, when the center isles have enough space and room for those women getting elbowed in the face. Not to mention getting harrassed inside.

For the reason why the first two train coaches, where strictly for the lady commuters only. Not to mention for the pregnant, children, and the disabled.

I mean seriously in other countries I don't see people crowding the doors. If you compare Hong Kong, Singapore or Korea as the other places I have been. I can see why they have better transit compared to the Light or Metro Rail Transits in the Philippines.

Time and time again I assume I wrote a story about this from way back. For the reason there are pick pocket, and thieves taking the advantage of commuters prying these trains. You can never blame people for the lack of discipline, where you can educate them to be aware of evertyhing and stop crowding the doors.

Seriously folks if you know where your getting off stay in inside the less crowded section. I mean if your next stop is four train stations away, which it won't hurt to be just at the part where your not blocking the only exits.

These days are tough for any of us when traveling to point A to point B with the rising cost of fuel, and wanting to have the convinience of getting to your destination.

It won't help to be self aware where you stand, but is it just me why some Filipinos have a lack of discipline to get things done the right way.

Or maybe it has become our DNA that we can't get ourselves from being put in the right position, and just follow the example whether its good or bad. Sadly if you know the right way of commuting I'm sure others will follow.

Lastly. The doors are not the place to be the only section fo the train that has a huge space. For the reason the announcer always advice the daily commuter to stop blocking the doors.

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