Monday, June 13, 2011

The Most Elusive Newspaper in the Country.

06.13.2011 - The Philippine Daily Inquirer is the only newspaper in the country. Not that being biased but its the most sold out broadsheet in the country.

I admit I don't regualryl pick the paper on a daily basis, and as much as possible I get the Sunday Edition.
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Its been a while since I pick up a copy and it took me several convinience store to find one. Previously wrote something about this several times. I'm lazy at picking it up early in the day ending up trying to find one at the wee hours of the night.

This Sunday issue fooled me when I saw the only copy at the 7 Eleven at Obeertime last night. Finally found a bunch of them at Convergys One in 7 Eleven.

The flip cover certainly is a gimmick with 3D editions coming from another paper PDI doesn't need one. Its the most read paper in the country the rest... Its all good to be second or third best for a toilet paper.

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  1. that paper is very good naman ah.
    it's very good at sensationalism.
    it's very good at biased reporting.
    it's very good at bringing down legitimate businesses because one of their columnists is bringing in forever living products [way back when].
    it's very good at being a waste of people time at mcdo bec it's the free rag to read there. so ayun di ba very good parin? :P