Monday, June 20, 2011

Koji Moralez & The RT Ford Fiesta!

06.20.2011 - For years I've been a radio junkie. Listening to FM radio was part of my daily routine. Those where the days I wanted to be a radio DJ myself.

In high school I hang out at the former 89.1 DMZ FM, and its where I first met the late great Francis Magalona aka The Mouth.

He had a show every Fridays up to 8PM and he was definitely fun to see spin some music. By the year 1994 I was going to Joe D' Mango's show. I was a regular listener on Magic 89.9 FM until 1995.

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But before going to the stations vising as a regular I've been tuned in to Monster Radio RX93.1 FM going back to grade school.

I was not familiar with the jocks back then, but an avid listener until I first dropped by Strata 200 (now Strata 2000). If anyone hasn't known Collectibles Unlimited and Toy Con co-organizer Cholo Manlillin was actually Mike Gomez a former radio DJ for RX93.1 FM, and sort of a mentor during my days as part of Radio1.

Though the training I recieved was not from Cholo directly, but from Koji Moralez a former RX jock, who bounced around from Love Radio 90.7 FM, Campus Radio 97.1 DWLS FM, and current jock of Rythmn of the City in 99.5RT FM.

You can catch Koji from 10AM to 12PM sort of competiting with Jude Rocha and Rico Robles of RX93.1 for that time slot.

I haven't seen Koji since the mid-2000s up until Toy Con, which was packed yesterday. Seeing him is like not seeing your big brother in a long time, and that's how I see him. Its refreshing to see my former mentor at the RT booth, where the RT Ford Fiesta is on display for anyone who would like to have a photo.

Its like back to the old RX93.1 FM reunion along with Cholo in a convention filled with pop culture fandom.

Definitely you guys should get a chance to see the RT Ford Fiesta and tune in to Koji Moralez on 99.5RT FM an awesome combination of driver with maximum music authority!

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