Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Comic Odyssey x Fully Booked: The Team Up of a Lifetime!

05.16.2012 – Last night dropped by and checked out the newest branch of Comic Odyssey at the fourth level of the flagship store of Fully Booked at the Bonifacio High Street in Taguig.

The last time we first saw the shop taking shape was last Saturday and it was just an empty space getting cleaned.

A few days later early last night before heading back home we passed by to take a glimpse on the development of the store. Indeed Comic Odyssey will be a bit busy this Saturday as they open up their fourth branch in fifteen years of its existence in the country since it opened its doors back in 1997.

Previously I shared to you the story of Comic Odyssey through the years with unpublished images taken from the old locations up to the recent update of the new branch which will be opening this Saturday.

This opening is not just another event but also a tribute to the late great Tony DeZuniga who passed away last Friday. Comic Odyssey and Fully Booked teams up to organize a sketch drive to raise money for the legendary co-creator of Jonah Hex. This will be an exclusive Free Comic Book Day event by Fully Booked which has been their tradition to hold the event every third Saturday of May instead of the general tradition which happens globally every first Saturday.

Definitely it’s going to be a treat for comic book fans and for would-be new readers to pick up a comic book that they would follow or if not there’s a compilation of graphic novels which Fully Booked has a wide selection to choose from.

This is not the first time Comic Odyssey and Fully Booked teams up for a cause. They started a collaboration last year when Fully Booked, Comic Odyssey, Red Nimbus and Vinyl on Vinyl organized a one-day event dubbed “Vinyl + SPLASH” that was held last November 2011 which was one of Tony DeZuniga’s last public appearance.

If you haven’t visited the fourth level of Fully Booked this is how it looks like now which is slowly taking shape into the comic shop we know…

Fully Booked celebrates Free Comic Book Day by giving back their appreciation to the fans that supported the store for many years. At the same time Comic Odyssey kicks in to open their fourth store and will have a collection comic book artists in the local scene participating in the sketch drive for Tony DeZuniga.

This happens May 19, 2012 and FCBD at Fully Booked begins at 10AM. Expect the men and women of Justice PH a local group of people suit up as their favorite DC Comic characters for you to have the photo opportunity that you should not miss it!

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