Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mach Diesel Inspiring The Right Influence.

04.13.2011 - Saying goodbye to anyone on a daily basis is just like meeting them again.

But for some other reason saying goodbye to a true friend is hard to come by.

I mean its hard to see two people leave each other, and go through with separation anxiety. Though through thick and thin they managed to keep the relationship alive.
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I'm talking about not just anyone you know from the community. I'm talking about Mach "Diesel" Manuel and Arlene "Kismet" Catanghal. To me they are not just people I met in some event, because they are REAL friends. They are my extended family if you call it that way, which is definitely true.

I just came from the airport to accompany Arlene and in sending Mach on his trip back to San Diego. This happened before back on August 26, 2008 and at that time everything was last minute.

This time around we had more ample time to say our goodbyes, and I guess his 20 days stay here was not enough. I was in Korea during his first seven days, and during that time he was getting bummed up. Mach felt not having friends around to keep him company, while I was away for the extra duration of my stay there. For anyone who doesn't know Mach Diesel he wa a friend I met back in 2007.

His last stay here took him almost 15 months back in 2008, and that was a very long story to tell. But the story now is more of a life changing for any of us who has met and have the pleasure of hanging out with him.

It was definitely fun hanging out with him during the past days. Its more like overshadowing some of the blog events that I missed the past few days. I mean Mach Diesel would be discrete, and as humble as he was he never was any rockstar youtuber or any blogger, who only cares about is reaching the fame.

His influence is MORE positive than being blown up by any "Stupid Bomb" in the face. If your not getting the sense of humor of the joke, which I believe you see too much of this "Influencial Lies" of some fucktacious excuse of a toad.

The past few days was not only the best days of having him around, but also the most educating one. You don't need to be on top of the stage to address people, when you can have a barrel of laughs being humble and having a life of the party.

Basically that's Mach he opens your mind, and makes you not feel ridiculed being called "abnormal" or "abnoy" has a positive way being "Above Normal" among those brainwashed bystanders. Not to forget to mention being a bully online, because they think they are right when its bordering slander. Those same "normal" species, who makes a career at starting a feud should have blown up by now if a "stupid bomb" ever existed.

Seriously Mach could be voted as probably one of the ambassadors of this community if they know how to look for DESERVING INDIVIDUALS.

I mean he's a True Filipino living in the United States away from someone he love, and still show positive qualities that inspire our countrymen like him.

Not some shrewed washed out douche bag with no dedication, and no serious talent in its own craft but hypes something not entirely passionate about. Who only after is to be above anyone no matter what it takes just to reach this so called "Fame" status.

What I'm trying to say is if you want to be inspired by a true Filipino then Mach "Diesel" Manuel IS THE REAL DEAL.

He's got REAL POSITIVE INFLUENCE having 3000 Youtube subscribers being dedicated to his craft. Why gamble away your precious funds and airtime to someone who would be a Willie Revillame in the making?

These days this current medium has become overrated, but respect is due to those who are trully passionate about something that is positive. Just to get back on the right track seriously folks you should do research more than conduct useless surveys only within the community.

Charice Pempengco made it internationally why not promote someone out there, who is Filipino living outside the Philippines?

Enough blabbing.

All i can say is that having a friend like Mach, who does not embarrass you in front of other people means he has respect. He grew up in the streets of San Diego, but still have an honor with a positive treatment to others.

I can't believe my friend Tim started labeling him "Legendary", which I stopped addressing him with that now.

He said that I can be "Legendary" too and from what he says it means a lot. The man has inspired a lot of geeks out there.

Too bad there's no award for that, which Mach doesn't need anyway. They can shove those in their ass or to that indescribable excuse of a toad. Because people like Mach being the life of the party is an award you can't bribe or beg for out there.

He's more than a legend a friend for keeps. You can take that to the bank that I'm not his manager or something because he's a real friend.

Unfortunately I didn't asked for the toys he gave me. Its so happens friendship is not a one way street where your always right. Nobody's perfect in that context, and for the reason Mach "Diesel" Manuel has influence.

This defines him as an individual inspiration to all, and that's not made of a word the so-called "Fame." Certainly I'll miss him but what message he left me. Its good enough to open my mind to new horizons beyond what my current field right now.

Thanks man for the fun we had that's beyond three boxes of balikbayan box, and a Katrina Halili standee which now lives in my room.

Surely I'm not going to get any decent sleep tonight. Seriously.

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  1. Nice blog post Mark. Mach is a nice person and he is one of kind that is for sure.