Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Myth: The Black Saturday Shoot Out!

04.23.2011 - Black Saturday Meet-up has become a yearly tradition since 2009.

Originally it was a specialty meet-up for Transformers Philippines, but turned out to be a hang out of sort at my place.

This year we got game playing the Wii Sport Resort for the Nintendo Wii.

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The challenge was the Three Point Shootout, which pits the guys for the highest score. Though the fun never stopped anyone a theory came about the game itself. My friends Glen and OJ are left hand people, and has been getting the difficulty scoring the highest points in the game.

There's a conspiracy behind this allegation that the Wii game is built for right hand players as they tried playing the game with their left.

Obviously I tried playing the game with my right scoring 21 points, but when I tried playing it with my left hand I only got 6 points. This was also theorized by probably being made for right hand users. But we can't get that all wrong, but perhaps its something a new myth that the Myth Busters can answer or simply Nintendo would address this interesting tidbit.

We've been playing the games for hours and left handeer are now averaging 21 points each. For anyone who had not played the Wii Sport Resort try playing the three point shoot out with your left hand or have any friend who is actually a lefty.

some notes unrelated to the conspiracy...

Jake who I haven't seen since Toy Con 2010 had played the game three times and scored 22 points, and he's not a lefty a first Wii game player.

Glen doing two trick shots without looking at the system hitting the money ball twice during his rounds.

Overall this is not about breaking the record etablished at 22 points, but wondering if there's really something to do with the three point shoot out made for right hand players. Well that's the Myth Busters can answer or Nintendo can shed the light on that burning question.

For now this was the most fun Black Saturday Meet-Up we had so far. Not to forget Glen has broken the six month long record of 24 points before 6PM.

Now should I dig up a prize for him? O_O

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