Monday, May 3, 2010

Life's Lesson at Hospicio de san Jose.

There was an eye opening moment for me in realization how we are fortunate to have lived a normal life. Thanks to my friend May and Andie for the invitation on this special day.

Visiting the kids in this place will give you importance how fortunate some of us never to experience hardship and this place certainly has an impact to someone who never saw hardship this close.

I had the opportunity to be part of the outreach, which May personally advocates for these children.

It was certainly an unforgettable experience to be able to give your time and effort in making these kids feel important.

I used to hear a lot of stories from close friends, when they had the chance to participate in these causes.

When I got to Hospicio de san Jose I learned a great deal about the people, who had lived life no longer connected to their family. To some people who just care about their life too graciously should appreciate what they had. I can no longer ask for more, but pray for these young ones, who don't have their own family. Though they are a handful to take care they made me see something about myself, that I'm blessed to have real friends. And to see the elders as well to appreciate my grandparents more.

Seeing the younger ones would make you wonder what goes in their mind. I ask questions to myself how I was brought up and see their lives. As a young one I admit having a trauma being bullied and rejected. Its not easy until now you find this happen to me as an adult.

For these children they really need guidance, and a positive constructive advice. Not the ones tailor made or forced to try, and make it fit in their life. You don't make a instruction manual for them to follow. You give them the positive vibes and proper guidance, that they will carry them through adult hood. A few kids I saw where fragile, which mirrors to my childhood. But I was blessed to have a complete normal life, and that made me realize a lot for myself.

We started setting up at 2:30PM and when the kids arrived we started at 3PM. There where like twenty seven children from toddlers to as old as thirteen. I was tasked to be the photographer for the group.

Though I do apologize not to publish the photos, which depicts the children. So please bare in mind that I blurred some of their faces in some of the photos.

So the program was composed of opening prayer, and then the group was introduced to the kids. We played parlor games namely trip to Jerusalem and stop dance form what I recall today. Then there was story telling and teaching proper hygiene like how to wash your hands. This also includes proper brushing your teeth. For the reason the goody bag we distributed includes a tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, and some trinkets.

We also gave out snacks, sweets, and bottled water. The kids where also given story books, crayolas, and coloring books.

The program ended past 5PM as we cleaned up we see the children smiling happy. For the group we never got tired, and its very rewarding to find this as less stress with a rewarding experience.

It gave me a reason to appreciate what God has given to me, and be more appreciative. Maturity is not about the attitude or how you think its a life's lesson, and it doesn't have an instruction to follow.

If given the chance for May and Andie to invite me next time I'll be there.

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