Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Absurdity of Rising Fuel Cost.

04.16.2011 - The rising cost of fuel and oil means things are going to be difficult for everyone. The inconcistency of price hike is affecting all sectors of the country.

We get fuel by the liters not in gallons unlike our friends who are based outside the country. Mostly hearing from relatives who live in the US say we have expensive gasoline.
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My friend Tim is having a tough time about getting this whenever he gas up his Toyota.

In other countries like Korea they had also increased gasoline, and I don't see the crisis would end. Alternative to oil is not fully developed as mostly everyone is still dependent on fossil fuel to power up cities all over the world.

Back then there was a Filipino who could have solved all this crisis. Unfortunately the government was not wise enough to take that advantage fron that unknown inventor.

Sadly that technology was bought by a foreigner, and its still under development. So far that story that we can use water as an alternative fuel has left us in the dark. You know possiblities can happen we only think it through with our future as a country and not thinking about enriching ourselves independently.

I guess that's how the cookie crumble, and no matter who's up there things won't turn up good for the this crisis.

The country would be in a better place if everyone would think of alternative means. Rather than depending too much on the usual stuff, and if your not watching the Discovery Channel fuel can be depleted.

You don't want that to end the world do you?

Little things happen if everyone butt heads and think for the better. Not to better one self but for everyone's survival.

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