Monday, May 18, 2015

Lost Urban History: Philcomcen Building.

05.18.2015 – The Philcomcen building was one of the original buildings that was first constructed in the Ortigas area that would be visibly seen from Edsa and used to be the residence for most of the local radio stations in the Philippines.

Over the years the development of Ortigas has spawned taller structures that are residential or business related. The former Philcomcen building has become an eyesore with failed rehabilitation in the mid-1990s and now it’s being demolished.

Before it was also a place of business and it was the corporate building for the Philippines’ Government Service and Insurance System (GSIS). It has 18 floors and was home originally to FM station Magic 89.9, Love Radio, and the former 93.9 DWKC now known as iFM. The building was actually being sold now that GSIS has sold it to Filinvest business developer in 2014 its slowly being taken down.

With the broadcast tower photo by Efren Aquino.

I just passed by and saw what remains of Philcomcen building yesterday. If you haven’t heard about the history of this structure or slightly notice this place then you must know that even though it’s being slowly erased physically in the Ortigas area this would consider to be one unofficial landmark.

This was even burned to the ground that was averted in 2007. But as of the photos taken (see below) this is what’s left of the once proud Philcomcen building…

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