Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Nintendo Wii Party on Black Saturday Meet-up 2011!

04.24.2011 - Its after midnight and its almost 2AM. Everyone has gone home with the exception of RG who came with a friend stayed for overnight.

Its more of a Nintendo Wii party compared to last year's geekfest marathon of screenings. This was definitely a fund Saturday among friends.

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The conspiracy in question earlier was short lived as we found out there's was an actual setting for left and right hand users. We're practically making this an excuse that there was no such thing, and it came with Glen's head that Nintendo built the Wii controller for right hand users.

Well it turns out there was an actual setting when your changing the Mii users, which Glen obliged to make his own character with that particular setting.

So what's the the new conspirary now?

We experimented on setting the controller for left hand, but we played it to our right just to see the difference. Well the controller did adapt for a left hand user eventhough we forced it being used on our right.

Glen had adapted from being a lefty who can shoot the ball on his right. He broke my six month old record and established a record for his Mii character.

For someone who played the game just today he definitely nailed the shots right on the money. The other games played where Super Mario Wii and Super Mario Galaxy 2, which gave me a little bit of dizzy-ness for its breath taking 3D.

The last person to leave and who was late is Vince. This year there was limitation to just hanging out and getting a few laughs playing Wii Spot Resort. I had to admit just being a casual gamer, and it was definitely a fun Black Saturday Meet-Up on its third year.

The last man standing cleaning up was yours trully, and we where hoping to broadcast via UStream TV. Unfortunately there was an error to do live boradcast. For next year its won't be at my place anymore it will be at OJ's.

This mini-event will go down as one of the yearly traditions, and well can't wait for next year.

Thanks to those who came and brought some food for pot luck and time to head to bed people.

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