Monday, August 2, 2010

Midnight Run.

08.02.2010 - Its past midnight and the city never sleeps. Indeed its true and that's what I've been missing for months. If anyone who's not reading hard enough I haven't been going to night shifts for the past four months. What I miss is working near like a couple of blocks away. It seems like 2005 again but its not though rather nostalgic can remind a good memory of the past...

Back then working in night shifts was a thrill, and at the same time more interesting. Simple things back then was less complicated and flexible to handle. Compared to the mundane demands of shift schedules and the dreaded split offs. Enough talk of past employments though I can't stop to look at what a night life was back then.

The night in the big city has not been this bright lately. Save for the large lamp post in the city streets, but the ones built in the middle islands where like completely non-existent.

The city could use brighter lights these days. This is what makes the city alive though things where a constant change compared to the the previous years.
Some offices housed in the big buildings nearby has left and moved on to bigger sites. Bonifacio Global City has been getting a life out of the ordinary.

The Central Business District of Makati is in silence than the usual Sundays. Its kinda my fault being lazy going out of the house spending most of the time surfing the net for nonsense. Sometimes goofing off with a friend online, who lives a thousands miles away. That thousand miles away is a long distance connection with a friend who lives in San Diego California.

This leaves me being not noticing the time until I got out of the house past midnight. Still I have the urge to get out of the house, and buy a Philippine Daily Inquirer's Sunday Edition.

So the night is not absolutely young just got my itching to get a move on. Boredom strikes as I snap a few shots of toy photography using only one subject at the center island along Buendia avenue, while cars rush and it might be doom for me. Doing this stunt just to get the rush effect is quite absurd and stupid.

But who would blame me for having those knack at creativity. I lost fear from all those self warnings about doing idiotic things. Though the results would sometimes astound someone's interest or just completely ignore it for not being a good shot.

At the end of of the day its still a work of someone who thinks out of the box. Though the subject itself carries its own illumination.

Getting that done was pretty much amazing until you see its actual shot at Toy Photography on where all my drive for something outrageous is featured.

The rest of the good stuff about experimenting photography you'll see it here in this blog. Where I try to push the limits of the Canon Power Shot A480, which has been replaced by the newer models with better processors. Being a camera junkie and a shutterbug since I was nine would be something a therapy for me.

How many rolls of film I have used up if we're still living in an analog world? I guess I'll never know for sure because its all in the past now. And nothing like the present to start clicking again.

certainly these nightly adventures gives me a lesson in history. Something not to take too much for granted rather live the moment.

Safe in the confines of my balcony where the lights shines with the Sunday paper in hand.

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