Sunday, August 1, 2010

Munn-gasmic Mach!

08.01.2010 - The man doesn't need the spotlight. He's a regular guy who appreciate little things in life. That's my friend Mach "Diesel" Manuel at Borders during Olivia Munn's recent signing for her Suck It Wonder Woman! humor book.

If you don't know Olivia Munn then your a rock living in your mother's silong (since there's no basement in the Philippines) its kinda like that...

If your actually living some place where the only porn magazine you've read is FHM. Now that is tragic and your life is in circles without character development.

Mach is no celebrity nor he wants to be in the spotlight like any overweight cow. He's just an ordinary guy being a fanboy, which it doesn't hurt to be called by one. He may look like he could beat a tyrant... Let me rephrase that... He would beat a tyrant when the time comes for him to go home.

All fandom aside Mach has dedication and passion for being one. For once we completed almost a year of being consistent at having our FHM magazines signed when he was here. Being a fan of Ms. Munn takes a bit up there appearing in Comic-Con 2009, where she signed his shirt during the event.

Now consistency works hand in hand with being dedicated. I'm amazed about this individual who doesn't go for the hype, but going up one notch above everyone at every step of the way. He doesn't care shit about being the first at anything or wanting to be famous. But doing something out of the ordinary was a gift I inherited in this man's craziness. This includes his naughty-ness... My goodness how could I?

I'm not some random nut job pretending to be straight. Where my taste in women are what they wear and not getting the twin peaks of interest.

Recalling one comment he made... What lies between Pandora's legs... Was it Pandora's box?

How could you man? They can take that to the bank! Your simply damn awesome!

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