Monday, January 9, 2012

The Return for an American Reunion!

01.09.2012 – It seems that we haven’t forgotten one film back in 1999 about these high school delinquents that made a buzz which spawned three feature films and four spin-offs straight to home video. The original trailer was out sometime early in November 2011 and it’s a good time to revisit these characters for another “American” tradition.

I’m talking about the “American Reunion” a sequel to the American Pie films and yes there was talk about this film when it first get some viral news through the interwebs. Lately I just caught up with the news and mighty find to share you more than the “regular” trailer.

Four months in countdown to watch this film in April 2012 and the reunion of the original cast is something new to see after the last one back in 2003. Machinima was first to share us the preview of the trailer…

Then again would you like to see the “Red Band” trailer for some kicks?

Just a warning viewers discretion as this trailer is not suitable for younger audience…

American Reunion” opens on April 6, 2012 from Universal Pictures and locally distributed in the Philippines from our friends at Solar Entertainment!

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