Saturday, June 30, 2012

Jimmy Kimmel Ridicules KFC's Cheese Top Burger!

06.30.2012 – The latest buzz-worthy talk about Kentucky Fried Chicken in the Philippines has reached the internet due to its introduction in their latest menu about the “Cheese Top Burger” that features what is literally an odd meal.

Lately the talk behind this weird idea has made in the international scene and honestly being ridiculed but no parody has ever escaped Jimmy Kimmel Live an American late night show which featured the Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao twice previously.

Jimmy Kimmel talked about KFC Philippines most talked about “Cheese Top Burger” that included a parody of the commercial which I doubt looked anything like the actual TV commercial.

Ohh… Jimmy you got us laughing this time but surely some would react to this in a very different way but in case you have not seen it check this out…

The idea doesn’t look like streetwise putting cheese on top of a burger and we thought changing Pepsi Co to Coca-Cola products as its drinks still left us clueless even though Kentucky Fried Chicken used to be part of Pepsi Co’s subsidiary.

Definitely that’s not the cheesiest way to get everyone's attention which is why KFC Philippines gets weirder whenever they introduced something un-KFC.

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