Monday, September 19, 2016

Worldwide InstaMeet 14 | Manila 2016

09.19.2016 – Last Saturday IGers Manila hosted the Worldwide InstaMeet in the Philippines, where it was held at the Binalot restaurant in McKinley Hill. But before the event there was also a photo walk at Venice Grand Canal early in the day.

The assembly was set nearby a coffee shop, where early attendees went in groups then proceeded to the the Grand Canal. The Worldwide InstaMeet is an annual event happening all over the world hosted by a local group, and IGers Manila has been part of the event since it was founded.

For this year’s WWIMPH the theme is #Foodamology hosted by two Food Photographers Iana Peralta and Donnie Gamboa talking about their passion in capturing the best side of food. This was sponsored by Binalot where most of the food featured in the images captured is from their menu.

The Binalot branch in Mckinley Hill was a veritable Instagram party, where all the style and preparation capturing food through the images are shown in its glorious moment. There’s nothing like capturing the image something you’ll devour and IGers Manila’s active Instagramers showed their passion for making you hungry.

Of course the program won’t be without showing their passion for posting on Instagram and you get to see the techniques on how to capture the best photos. The behind the scenes, where everyone was busy and at the same time getting the education on how to capture fun food photos. The new attendees who participated for this latest edition of the Worldwide InstaMeet certainly had a great time.

There where giveaways for the most individual who posted his or her images on Instagram and of course those who went on the photo walk that include the early bird. The awardees take home cool prizes and some goodies from Binalot. Saturday clearly came and happened on the 14th Worldwide InstaMeet that not only is held in the Philippines, but has become an event on its own globally. For this country it’s hosted by IGersManila and there will another one happening soon.

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