Friday, January 1, 2016

Post-New Year: Journey in an Empty City.

01.01.2016 – The New Year seemed in the Philippines started like calm before the storm. Its only Friday and the storm won’t be here until Monday, but not your literal kind of weather. It’s the people coming back from that long Holiday vacation.

It’s been quite a joy ride that I never had the experience to be here. The extravagant, loud, and wild celebrations are kind of not I’m used to. You’ll be surprised how I traded the fireworks for some silence and that’s why an empty city was simply ‘cool.’

Last year spending the ‘Summer Holidays’ in Australia was like finding time to be away from the wild, crazy and chaotic Holiday Season of Manila. For the last two ‘Summer Holidays’ it was something new at the same time gives you something to think about how exactly opposite how two countries celebrate Christmas and welcoming the New Year.

In Manila everything has to be welcomed with a loud bang and last night was ear shattering, air polluting, and crowded-kind of superlative the New Year was. But something Post-New Year is what I enjoyed the most… A deserted and almost empty city is worth the go around because you won’t see it again unlike in other countries I’ve been that definitely the usual perspective.

From the Central Business District to Circuit Makati things have been very quiet most particularly empty streets. In other countries this is the common thing, but in Manila a rare sight almost late at night which is a great way to roam around.

This is not your usual everyday nightly walks where the city is filled with people and vehicles stuck in traffic. But this is just Post-New Year its taking advantage of the opportunity to give you an idea what it’s like without so much population. The night was definitely young to get this rare experience to re-live it like back in Australia, Korea and Singapore.

For now the photos shared will give you an idea what it’s like to roam around the city minus the crowded population.

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