Monday, December 28, 2015

Unrated Pop-Up Night Cinema!

12.28.2015 – Circuit Makati is running their “Pop-up Night Cinema” at the Globe Circuit grounds and not only that they are also have vendors set up a select few food stalls to accommodate hungry viewers of the scheduled films.

It’s actually a rare thing nowadays with this type of screenings going back to the drive-in that used to happen in Luneta back in the day.

This event runs through the 30th, which is quite a crowd drawer since December 26th.

Last night they have three romantic films, but the second one was wee bit eye catcher…

The second night of “Pop-up Night Cinema” had scheduled “Fault in Our Stars”, “The Lucky One”, and “The Notebook.” It’s an interesting line-up of films that seemed pretty odd to be shown in a very public place at the Globe Circuit grounds. Besides the gigantic Christmas tree beside the auditorium the place seemed to be cozy for the target crowd for these types of movies.

Then there’s the full moon that has been quite a sight since it was seen on Christmas Eve, which won’t happen again until 2034. But what suppose to be a movie night for everyone should be noticed by concerned parents.

The three mentioned films contains some scenes not suitable for very young audience and last night there are more kids running around and watching these films than legal age or grown ups in the area. This might be an indoor cinema, but the choice of movies they should have shown could have been a bit censored. Unfortunately it isn’t and you’re seeing some steamy scenes with these three films.

Even though the films don’t carry extreme nudity or sex scenes that will give your blood veins an impressive awakening parents should at least restrain children from seeing such films or the organizer could have chosen a better list. But of course nobody would bother about it.

At the end of the day there should be films still rated to be seen publicly with this kind of line-up somebody last night are pretty heat up. Its good the next list for tonight’s screening would be more suitable when you talk about romantic films.

The one on the 29th would be interesting to see since it’s an unofficial Marvel night featuring Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor a precursor to what would be the billion dollar hit with the first Avengers films which was not part of the line-up.

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