Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Full Moon in 2015!

12.25.2015 – The aftermath of Christmas Day doesn’t end with a whimper as reported yesterday there will be a full moon since 1977.

It’s sort of a déjà vu if you think about it since nearly 38 years ago the original Star Wars “A New Hope” first came out in theatres that would change the movie landscape forever.

But enough of Star Wars this is about a full moon that has happened on Christmas day.

It’s no Death Star but it’s definitely going to be one of those rare sightings you won’t see again until the year 2034 and captured it up close!

Using the ‘Manual’ mode of the Canon Powershot SX210IS I’ve finally captured the image of the full moon at 7:05 PM Philippine Time. I have managed to capture 24 shots and out of those images I have chosen the best that you can view below:

The stunning image of this full moon might not be clear but have to compensate in balancing the lighting as well as having a steady hand to get this. I’ve been taking full moon shots this year and this is not the first time having taken photos using this camera first introduced in late 2009.

There have been several models of the SX series that has followed, but for a camera that was built six years ago it handles quite well in capturing this full moon.

For those who haven’t noticed the full moon started appearing on Christmas Eve in the Philippines and I could have taken that shot too. Unfortunately it was a busy Thursday night for now this one shot makes it here.

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