Sunday, December 27, 2015

5 Places to See at Circuit Makati!

12.27.2015 – Circuit Makati is not yet 100% complete, but it has held important events in the past and continues to being developed since its ground breaking construction from the former horse race track.

If you haven’t been to this place certainly there are interesting sights, taste, and sound that would surely catch your attention. Right now it’s not as crowded but it will be soon when every establishment gets opened for now here’s something to look out for.

Besides the Pop-Up Night Cinema at Circuit Makati that has started running its screening on recent movies from December 26 to 30, 2015 there are regular attractions, activities to look out for at this thriving event place.

The former horse race track is visual no longer that familiar anymore, but now a haven of a rare place where most people don’t go to just like Rockwell and Bonifacio Global City used to be during its early years. Currently the crowd that goes to this place are the nearby residence that surrounds the place and those who find a little more privacy than the mainstream people due to commuting to this place is mostly off the grid just like the above mentioned places when they where starting.

This place might not be exciting to go right now, but it’s probably the right time for you check it out not only for the concerts and events that would be held in 2016. Commuting to this place is not that difficult due to the free shuttle bus they started to offer that’s making round in the Ayala Central Business District sometime in early November and its not that complicated if you know where the former Philippine Racing Club (PRC) you’re good.

So what makes Circuit Makati interesting to see right now that simply worth making the trip to this simple place?

Backyard Kitchen + Brew

Looking to dine in private with friend or with the entire family? This probably the place where the ambiance might be the right one to spend the night for reunions or just hang out and watch the Globe Circuit Events Grounds regarding its activity or just watch some of the movies or sports that’s on their television.

Nike and other Sports Shops

Probably one of the big outlets they have and its’ not only this, but there are other sports shops that have opened. So far Nike is just near Backyard that you’ll immediately see with some stuff they don’t have in their other branch that’s worth checking out if you’re in the area.

Happyworld Museum Miracle Art

If there’s anything to look out for Circuit Makati is also the attractions aside from dining and shopping they have places to tickle the curious mind and appreciate the visual art and it can be found at Happyworld Museum Miracle Art.

It’s opened daily and this is one of their newest branches to bring your children and those who are young at heart who appreciate art.

Entrance Fee for Adult: PhP 300.00 pesos | Children: PhP 250.00 pesos

Onboard Game + Gastro Pub

The trend in the Philippines currently is the gaming restaurants where you hang out and play the classic boardgames. It’s probably the hottest ‘in’ place for some who would like to hangout with friends playing this table top games at the same time enjoying a couple beers and munching on chips.

Onboard Game is one of those places and this is their first branch located on the second level of Circuit Lane.

City Kart Racing

If you’re looking for an exhilarating activity that thrives on speed and some skills not only for the mind but for the body try kart racing. This is what those who want the real thing away from playing gaming consoles at home.

City Kart Racing has been around when the time they where originally located at Rockwell prior to its early development of that place then moved to the old Park Square 1 until they where finally settled at Circuit Makati with a bigger race track and you thought they no longer exist guess again. They extended their operation until midnight due to the Holiday season and the night racing is the best time to throttle.

These are only a few places to see at Circuit Makati and there will be more to see soon as Ayala Malls Circuit is not yet entirely operational just selective food establishments and shops have been open.

But in case you have a spare time to spend a day away from the busier commercial venues this must be the place to visit and soak in.

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