Monday, June 13, 2011

Pepsi Pinas is Blue and its Back!

06.13.2011 - What the heck is Pepsi Pinas?! Its a relaunch of the product formerly known as Pepsi Blue, which was instroduced to the market sometime in 2005 as a 7 Eleven store exclusive.

For its captured market never was that successful with its launch, but the product stayed for quite sometime.
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The original had a little bit close to drinking mint toothpaste with not-so good after taste.

For all its worth I tried one for PhP 24.00 pesos which is the 500ML. This time around they had given me the reason to go for a second round.

The taste is far from what I remember drinking between 2005 to 2007. Its far better in taste and quite interesting indeed. I should say everyone had a go and try the All-New Pepsi Pinas.

If your not completely sold on my personal thought of this product maybe this catchy TV commercial will do...

Its a classic product back with its Filipino flavored marketing campaign. I'm sure for those new to this product definitely got me sold. Not because of the new introduction via the classic Filipino action movies, but for its re-branding to a very Pinoy audience that Pepsi Blue err... Pepsi Pinas is back!

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  1. I like this commercial~


    Hahahaha, humor is original and not corny~