Sunday, June 19, 2011

Unexpected Non-Toy Con Appreciations!

06.19.2011 - Tired. Exhausted. Drained... But had a great time with close friends and fellow geeks at ToyCon 2011, which has been bigger this year.

But not what I expected and feeling underwhelmed about how how it was presented though this day was a blessing in disguise.

A fellow balikbayan who has been mostly going home during Christmas is having a time of his life back home from Australia. He finally have his second experience going to Toy Con after 10 years!

Aside from the Pop Culture Legend in Mach Diesel a friend from Australia is in his own legend. Being one of a few friends who has a complete Transfomers collection of the Generation One series. These are not the reissues but the vintage stuff from the past.

I was only expecting to see him and hand over his gift, but turns out he's got A LOT of stuff for me. Well most of it will be an online contest prize that I'll be cooking up with fellow Transformers fans.

The one I liked the most was the Transformers Vault, a coffee table book that reveals some old marketing stuff from the 1980s. How the toyline came to be the Transformers you know now.

It covers the original Japanese toys to the current and upcoming third Transformers film.

The rest are mostly toys and that cool Optimus Prime shirt. Basically no need for me to splurge since a close friend got my back unexpectedly a surprising one.

Certainly these are gifts from people I value. So don't expect me selling any of these.

They are heading to the storage bins. Have to play the toys though.

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  1. cool optimus prime tshirt, I want one too. LOL!

    Nice gifts by the way~