Monday, May 9, 2011

The Philippine Road Laws is merely JUST a Suggestion.

05.09.2011 - Late afternoon the central business district has been clogged with mind bending stressful traffic.

Everyday the local motorists would be dodging each other and make hell for most of everyone heading home or for those about to go to work in their night shifts.

The problem is not about running out of roads in the Philippines. Its actually lack of discipline and conjested public utility vehicles.

The jeepney is the national vehicle of the country. Its iconic for so long that it got stuck without evolution unlike the Volkswagen Beetle that had a new look recently.

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If you put it to international road standards it won't pass the safety test. These days that same reliable vehicle is conjesting the road this also includes the pollution that brings. Diesel powered vehicles are better in cold weather countries, but in tropical places like the Philippines its like giving you second hand smoking. The same goes to buses that travel around they are in abundance, and we thought they will be more of them traveling in provinces.

I heard or read somewhere that buses traveling within Makati, Taguig, Eastwood, and other major places with commercial areas like malls will be privatizing buses, that will travel to these places similar to what I experience in Korea.

The government should have done that a long time ago, but due to lack of discipline and the obvious corruption going around it won't happen.

There's too many public utility vehicles going around, which is good for the local commuter and bad in the same way that its not controlled. One other part of not being done properly is the drivers are not schooled with the rules of the road. You see a speeding bus traveling along Edsa like a sports car. These buses when they park in the bus stop as if they want to block the whole street. I've seen it everyday but after my trip in Korea last March it was like having a bad flem in the throat.

Just this late afternoon I was just walking around the city, and saw a jeepney waiting for passengers in a No Loading/Unloading area. When will we ever learn from these rules of the road?

Its amazing how law enforcement or the MMDA don't police these drivers. The little things we see are being ignored for the bigger issues. Seriously if we don't look at the small things how would the Philippines improve as a country, when it comes to the road problems we face everyday?

These days just to help the country I walk as one of the ways to reduce pollution and gas emission. Little things help if each of us has discipline and the motivation. But for those who feel that there's no hope good luck to you. It so happens I saw another country who does it why can't we?

Until I don't see it in the Philippines here the Law will just be a suggestion.

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