Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Phail Arrival at the IMAX Theater.

06.29.2011 - Transformers: Dark of the Moon press media started its screening on Coca-cola IMAX Theater at SM Mall of Asia by 6PM.

Traffic was horrible on a Tuesday, but the weather was convincing enough to be more tolerable than the past few days of downpour.
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I really appreciate the invitation from Solar-UIP, but due to the cluster of events happening since morning it was a rough day.

Surprise the only good part of this trip was to be able to capture the static hours outside the cinema, where the parked Chevy Camaro and Spark has been getting much attention from those who where roaming around the corridors of the IMAX Theater.

The consolation of this adventure was being among close friends, who went straight to see the midnight screening of the movie.

Its worth every movie moment where everyone really paid attention than talk about the film's blow by blow scenes. Seriously after being a fan of the franchise since childhood its like this needs some serious rest.

Everything about Transformers has been made, and i'm not giving you spoiler review. What makes this move great is inspired and had taken reference from previous stories, which was already been told in various form of media. Namely through comics and previous incarnations fo the cartoons.

Though I would highly encourage the parents to bring their kids, who liked watching the previous film for some pop corn fun. Just be sure to ask them if they really want to watch it. Because this third film is more darker thant meets the eye.

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