Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Emerald Geek Day of Fun!

06.15.2011 - Every fan has its day and there's so much green to go through it. I've seen the Green Lantern special screening twice.

Though just to commit to the promise the review I wrote was posted as scheduled.

I've seen it on March 14, 2011 along with fellow geek friends from the community.
Jump after the cut...

It was awesome and there's a lot of appreciation to thank Warner Bros. Philippines for the opportunity to see it ahead to ponder my thoughts of the film.

Then I saw it the following night as part of the press media to see the film. So much fun stuff on the event itself with the free doughnuts courtesy of Krispy Kreme with some stickers, light up rings and a memorable photo booth...

This far is one fo the best advance screenings tailor made for the movie. Hopefully next year's Dark Knight Rises can pull off one of the memorable gimmicks for 2012.

For now catch Green Lantern in selected cinemas on 3D, and opens in across the country on June 16, 2011 from Warner Bros. Pictures Philippines!

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