Sunday, October 2, 2011

Toy Photography: A Productive Inspiration!

10.02.2011 - How do you give a good impression? There are a lot of ways to be inspired and sometimes I top myself in one category I truly enjoy.

Toy Photography is one of the areas where I don’t compete with anyone but myself alone.

In my own little way of getting myself doing something out of the ordinary it makes me slow down for a bit and admire the view. Currently a few people already had their “thumbs up” on the subject.

I love Toy Photography that I don’t mind seeing myself competing. I look at it now as an art form rather than boasting on how topping the others.

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I’ve been doing this since 2007 and it got a lot bigger when a friend from San Diego was doing the same thing but on a very unique way. How would I never forget he told me my love for taking photos and collecting toys at the same time? He told me why not mash it up and bring something different.

To get a greater perspective on the subject of Toy Photography the perspective and imagination doesn’t come there immediately. Its takes time to develop having that type of point of view. The key here is not about showing off the toys you have but “bringing them to life.”

The first time I did an outdoor shoot with my predecessor was not entirely exciting. But he had teach me the basics and the rest is up to me how to paint that perspective. Its like putting something in that blank canvass similar how a real artist paint.

Seriously I see myself not an artist but for odd reasons that’s how “toy shooters” are now. It’s already four years past and I’m still learning from the others who conjure up better compositions.

Sometimes not everything works outdoors and the same goes with indoors. Learning “Toy Photography” is not really easy if someone who doesn’t see the toys that can be “brought to life” as a perspective will be difficult to channel that imagination.

For me if I have nothing good to say just show it in another spectrum of medium. When you’re at odds with the real world you try to find another alternative to maintain that balance by expressing it into something else. Of course it’s human to rant about something but not all the time and finding the avenue to be more productive has given me something here.

When you say something in your personal opinion it gets malignantly taken out of context. You’d rather counter that with something that is not made out of words. Then leave the backdoor and give them something new to look at rather get caught by being unproductive at all.

Actually “Toy Photography” is a good therapy at the same time gives me a personal challenge. The USS Enterprise is an iconic spaceship from Star Trek and it’s been sitting on top of my stereo component as a display piece out of a rubble of audio CDs. The past few months I’ve been neglecting it as it collected quite a lot of dust for being there.

I was stuck at home for the whole day of Saturday and still stuck with my blogs all in draft as dated. I just need an inspiration for all the clutter and after fifty shots here’s what it got me. – Warp Speed!

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  1. For something that you just picked up and been sitting around collecting dust, this photo of the USS Enterprise is remarkable! I can only envy and wish I could do such a candid yet amazing photograph!