Friday, April 15, 2011

Ditching Mach Diesel's Balikbayan Box.

04.15.2011 - Last night after seeing the advance screening for Arthur me, and the crew went back to Go! Hotels to pick up the Balikbayan Box. This was left by my friend Mach after he flew back to San Diego California the other day.

Actually prior to this there was two more unsorted box that is currently sitting in my room. The one we had pick up last night was counted as the third box.
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For all the hilarious shenanigans it was pure fun how this box won't fit in Tim's car.

Its a freakin' huge box that we tried putting in the trunk or useless for not fitting in the passenger seat. So the most logical and drastic thing we did was ditch the box.

... But of course the contents where piled up at the trunk as we can't carry that box back to my place. I had to go two rounds going up and down taking it to my room. Technically now I only have two boxes and a lot of plastic bags full of toys and stuff that are for storage.

Ninety percent of that third box are Mach's stuff so basically its going to get sorted out. The same thing will happen to the other two as of them as he said would be mine. Its going to take a week of two to find storage for some of the toys.

As displayed by Tim and Glen during that night, the bell hop from Go Hotels was snikering humorously with the situation at hand.

Now the snickering has stopped for most of us its about time to figure out how to eliminate the two boxes blocking my cabinet of clothes. Hopefully this upcoming Holy Week would be the right time to get things done.

Right now there's so much toys to look over, and I can't wait to charge up the battery pack for this red remote controlled buggy.

This got to be the most toys I had since he sent me that yellow box from 2009.

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