Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm All In with adidas and the Chicago Bulls!

04.14.2011 - Yesterday while I was compiling some photos for a friend a messenger rang the door bell.

I was compiling some photos for a friend who is about to leave for the US.

I couldn't be surprised but I have to the thank adidas and Green Bulb for this token of appreciation.
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Last year I had the opportunity to embarrass myself into playing basketball again, since I need to get in shape from all those food blogging events.

From testing the shoes that they where launching last year to helping spread the word of the King of the Road campaign. I can't stop myself from really going crazy with this basketball cap I recieved.

Seriously. I'm a Chicago Bulls fan even though Scottie Pippen had retired and became a consultant.

The head coach Phil Jackson is Kobe Bryant's current mentor. Or seeing Michael Jordan is sitting in the sidelines cheering for the Charlotte Bobcats, which he bought now as majority owner of his own NBA Basketball team.

Though I don't entirely follow the NBA games I still as much as possible read the news about the up and coming teams.

Mostly I check the Chicago Bulls. I mean who would be a fan if it weren't for Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and the rest of the six time championship teams of the 1990s.

These days Derrick Rose is the point man for the current Bulls. At the top of the East rankings they are heading to the 2011 Playoffs with the number one spot. They are about to take on Indiana Pacers, which is the number eight seed in the post-regular season April 17, 2011.

I'm just ecstatic to have this Chicago Bulls, and at first I thought they knew my all-time favorite team.

Well I found out my friend Vince also got the same Chicago Bulls cap.

I'm sure he was wanting a different team, but its all good that he got the same cap.
Assuming that everyone had the same Bulls cap, that was sent by adidas as they are promoting the 24 hour campaign starting this month.

Again. Thanks to adidas and mostly to GreenBulb this awesome cap.

Let's Go Bulls!

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