Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kitchie Rocked Philippine Independence Day in New York.

07.09.2010 - Catching up with Kitchie Nadal. Its been a while since I last seen her and manager Roca Cruz. I used to be a fan now I'm nasically their acquaintance.

I don't know if they that counts as close friends. The last I got a hug from both of them was in May or was it June 2009?
I guess I lost count on the times we hang out at Tapa's. Lately their travels had taken them from Europe and the Middle East to New York the city I've been dreaming to visit...

On my online browsing I just came a across a photo of her performing in downtown New York for the Philippine Independence Day. The facebook page is rarely updated but mostly their adventures all over the world was all there.

Pretty much what I miss out was the bonding at Kitchie's hang out place. Her brother's restaurant known as Tapa's which has been closed for quite sometime.

Enviously dreaming of someday to travel in the land of the free. Specialy New York where the biggest city that has a lot to see. I'm sure Kitchie definitely rocked the Manhattan district on her performance and missing it here.

But I'm sure she'll be home soon along with Roca and it will just like last year.

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