Thursday, April 15, 2010

Noynoy Aquino pyscho test, Manny Villar C5 issue, blackmail, and reporting fairly?

Going against the grain if your an average joe, and doesn't know what's really happening in the real world. It must be that you maybe living in the cave. These either you read the paper or forget, that there's such a thing as Philippines politics.

The days are counting to the biggest day every Filipino is waiting, which is the National elections. As an individual we are entitled to our political views on what's happening. Quite frankly there's a few handful of us, who cares little what happens and turns a blind side. I admit I've been careless not to watch the news or read the Saturday or Sunday paper.

Pscho Issues

Believe it or not I heard about the psycho issue of Noynoy Aquino, and some would say directly that it bothers to raise an eyebrow. But its not clear if its true or not. Depends on what you see its not 100% proven, that the info about Mr. Aquino about having a mental lapse. The news these days would give a lot of people doubts if this authentic or not, but some would rather ignore it and believe what's on the news. Of course we seek the truth and yet after a complaint how news is reported. It makes me wonder if everyone is telling the truth?

Though still we should be vigilant and keep an eye on how this will unfold. Not everyone has the access online to do a research, but turn to the written facts or broadcast on television readily available to the masses. I'm just going to sit this one up and keep an eye on what happens next.

That C5 Issue

There was news related to the C5 issue of Manny Villar had earned him billions of pesos with this project. It gives curiosity what really happened with this story until I read Manny Villar's response on the C5 issue. Though a lengthy response would still be in question, but based on the senator's letters he was honest about his words, that he never got anything from this project.

A few would disagree about it if he's telling the truth or not. Though we leave that for those who has stronger opinions. Sometimes I start to question a lot of people why grill the man who has everything? Perhaps we can't avoid the Filipino crab mentality being envious of what he's got. But on the other hand you have to give the other side a fair look why they're pressuring the senator if the facts are not accurate. Though we still can't avoid which statements are true. Given that not everyone is like Villar because he's questionably rich.

So we still are up in arms about the happenings behind the C5 issue, even though the elections is fast approaching? I'm sure there are others would watch the senator like a hawk, but honestly there are questions left unanswered. Though given the fact that my nose was bleeding, when reading his letter to say he was sincere. But that doesn't mean we let this hanging right?

Fainess in Reporting

Your a TV giant in broadcasting news, and the information has to be accurate. Now its not that easy specially if your short out of time. Of course we are only human to make errors, but to bring the news to everyone its not an excuse. Everyone is entitled to the truth and each one has an opinion about it. Now error is an error when its done you can't take away what you had given if its accurate or not.

We still have to be honest and true to the news, but they tell us the news as it is. Now if we can't be honest about it you'd be loosing a lot of viewership. In this time of digital age information is fast paced delivered, and we can't just have our own lapse for not being accurate about the news.

Though sometimes we might not know what's the truth or not out there. There are a lot of news agencies out there who has been trusted for years, that some of them never faltered to deliver their fearless views. Coming directly to Manny Villar response to Restituto Mendoza and call to reporting fairness would still be put in question. We will never know if we can put our trust on what he's trying to say.

But at the end of the day its up to us if we would accept what they are trying to say, and taking their word for it. Let's just wait until election day comes, and roll with the punches who we should vote.

When it comes to delivering the right news this puts me in doubt to believe it fully. There's so many happenings around closing on election day, that is worth telling the truth. Its absurd to have one in question. Sometimes I just look away and not talk about it, and see the lighter side of things. Rather go deep and delve too much. When we can look at the other candidates, who had the most contribution to the country.

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  1. I would rather let someone run a country who is street smart and came from the streets rather than someone who was persuaded to run. Manny Villar will lead us to Salvation being a successful businessman. Yup, he got the skills.