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SYSGEN Christmas Party Goes Back To The 70s!

12.04.2010 - When you talk about being part of the family you'll know how it feels to be one.

Last night I was at the SYSGEN Christmas party held at the La Carmela Cafe somewhere in Makati.

I thought was late as traffic was bad on a Friday night.
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Arriving at the cafe I was welcomed by one of the people at the registration table. I forgot that the theme for their Christmas party was from the 1970s. I recall the Christmas party went to last year I have to come on white. Back then parties where held in simple gatherings, but with SYSGEN this was one of the most entertaining parties I have attended.

You could see how the employees participated and had a good laugh just like in a family. I appreciated how my friends who were at this party felt being part of it. Considering this is my first Christmas party to attend.

Registration was simple and gave us orange name tags. The event was hosted by three lovely ladies they started their introductions, and speech from Jimmy Roa (President of SYSGEN). Then they acknowledged everyone for their efforts and hard work being part of a close nit family.

A brief history of the company started its beginnings on February 18, 1991 with three man-operations that grew to 130 people working in one of the Philippines' recognized provider of IT Staffing and IT Recruitment Process Outsource. Currently if you’re looking for work in the IT industry, SYSGEN maybe the company for you to check it out. They are also looking for anyone who would like to try their hand in the IT industry.

After the inspiring speech of Mr. Roa they led a prayer and dinner was served. For my colleagues who were also invited to the party, we didn't need to stand in line to get food. They served the food and I mean A LOT for us to consume, and definitely we had an awesome dinner at the party.

During dinner time a live band performed which reminds me of a certain Boss nova artist, that the singer was trying to emulate or I just recall back in the day. Going back to the party the dinner was great, and we were having good laughs in-between. Jimmy Roa was doing his rounds at each table and hang out with us. When he arrived earlier that night he was sporting long hair, that made everyone took his photo with his wife Mrs. Katrina Roa in her afro get up.

The program started with the first group performing songs from Abba. Then after that was the first game of a Candy relay. This would be quite entertaining if described properly. I thought the acetate relay game from a previous event would come to mind, but this one turned out a little bit tamed and entertaining.

There was also a raffle drawn by the guest judges, who would determine the winning group of the night. This also includes best dressed from the 1970s theme.

Personally the second group to perform caught the guys off guard specially me and my distinguished colleagues. Who would as three girls performed astonishingly, and had put effort in their wardrobe as well as an ensemble performance.

Another game that resembles a bachelor’s party this time you have shoot the straw in the soda bottle a la Trip to Jerusalem, where the bottle is held the guys in the middle in between their legs. It was fun until the last round the guy sat in the chair, and whoever gets to sit in his lap wins.

Everyone was screaming to their excitement how it turned out in the end. The same goes with the raffle for the second time. The third and last group to perform was quite teasingly naughty with all the women uniformly dressed in Santa Claus' colors. The dance number was great and it was hilarious.

The last raffle before the awarding ceremonies was the major part that everyone is waiting for. Third prize would the I-Pod Touch and then followed with a Toshiba Net book. The major winner took home a laptop, who turns out to be the winner of best male dressed for the 1970s theme.
Jimmy Roa also gave out special awards for outstanding employees for SYSGEN as a surprise to the awarders, before Katrina Roa closed the program with her speech.

We where the last group to have our chance of being crazy at the photo booth, that was set up near the registration table. The experience brings back memories of working in my former company, that you felt part of the family which I still miss.

SYSGEN is not just any company out there, but with a dynamic team led by Jimmy Roa at the helm you’re in good hands. I appreciate being part of their party and best endeavors ahead for SYSGEN your IT Solutions Partner.

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  1. Got a number of messages from our consultants saying how much fun they had. Thank you for being there.