Sunday, December 5, 2010

One Silent Saturday Night.

12.05.2010 - Stuck at home for the remaining hours Saturday is not fun, but at least I didn't get to spend extravagantly for something I might regret.

I was itching to get out of the house, because its getting unhealthy being stuck at home facing the compute for the whole day.
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Finally I had the chance to catch up going to the mall before closing time. I was able to roam around and see if I can re-activate my MPass card. I was aching to watch another movie since Narnia.

Though I didn't reach the customer service area for that I was able to see the stores I frequently visit.

There was one part of Greenbelt 3 that caught my camera. It’s a green colored Nut Cracker standing beside the Christmas tree. I'm a sucker for all those lighting effects, and caught that shot twice due to that my camera doesn't have a built-in image stabilizer.

It was a quiet night taking toy photography shots at a nearby underpass and then went for a late dinner taking a KFC Double Down.

Another nocturnal adventure fulfilled.

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