Sunday, November 14, 2010

Manny Pacquiao, One Class Act Champ!

11.14.2010 - Everyone could be someone if they put their mind to it.

Determination, passion, and knowing where you camre from is one of the key elements of becoming someone like Manny Pacquiao.

For every time he fights the nation is all eyes and never blinks to see this until the end.
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He could be the national treasure giving everyone the insperation. This country need his kind and quite a determination from someone, who used to work in a small time bakery.
From humble beginnings Manny Pacquiao's story are stuff of dreams. His past to present rags to riches storhy has been told several times. Seeing it on the Bio Channel or reading it on time magazine he has become a legendary phenomenon.

Early in the morning I a recieved a surprising text message from Jason Biadog inviting me to see the Pacquaio VS. Margarito Fight, which was screened at the Glorietta 4 Cinema 4 in Ayala. How hard can I miss this opportutinity since Jason won six tickets to see this. Its probably my first to see a live fight commercial free, and I was basically late seeing the Pacman duking it out with the Tijuana Tornado on the third round.

Once I entered the theater cheers from the audience was wildy unbelievable. Filipinos really show their support to the man who has made it to the top. I consider him being The Fighting Congressman after winning the congressional seat in Saranggani in the national elections last summer.

If you see him on regular television you won't get the feel of it until you see it with your fellow kababayans (countrymen) on the big screen.

I've heard a lot of initial reactions but when you concentrate, and absorb the atmosphere. Its quite invigorating and exciting at the same time as if you where in the ring side with everyone.

Unbelievable? Yes. Definitely its true what others had previously say, that when Manny Pacquiao fights the Philippines is at Peace.

Everyone is in unity when the Pacman punch the lights out of his opponent. Not to mention being the gentlemen that he is a definite class act. By round eleven a surprising move that he did today. He approached the referee and pleaded to stop the fight. As Margarito's face is swolen by the brutal damage that he inflicted, who would be surprised that he can be an honorable man that he is.

After the hunanimous decision he got his eight division weight belt. One for the history books? Oh yeah that would be written in stone as Manny Pacquiao takes it to the next level that other's couldn't do.

As I recall the fight commentator once teased Floyd Mayweather Jr. with a banter "... Come out. Come out wherever you are!" An he should come out if he's got the balls to take on the undisputed found for pound king or either concede that he's really retired. I guess we'll never know for sure if its gonna happen of Mayweather's gonna chicken out.

In the end after the announcement proclaiming him as the winner an interviewer asked Manny about his being a gentleman asking the referee to stop the fight he said... "Boxing is not for killing... You know."

As he showed concern to his swelling face oppenent. It laster twelve rounds but if you look at it the fight could have ended in an earlier notice.

Surely Pacman is a winner even though the votes on television was going for Margarito. Definitely a class act to follow and be inspired. All I can say is that he's the Michael Jordan of boxing, and unebelievable phenomenon stuff of legends the next generation can learn from it.

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