Monday, May 21, 2018

South Australian Museum | Museum Day

05.21.2018 – Yesterday was International Museum Day, were they are open without the need to pay for entry.

I’ve been going to this annual event just to look around and see the undiscovered culture that you may not find it in books or have not seen it in person to have the chance to learn about history.

This probably the first time I’ll be sort of celebrating this event in South Australia.

I’ve been going to “Museum Day” in Ayala Museum for the past three years, but for this year I head down to the South Australian Museum in downtown Adelaide.

Australia has a very rich culture honouring the natives as well as modern art. I’ve been to the South Australian Museum three times since 2014. This not including passing by along North Terrace as it sits beside the South Australian Library, one of the well known National Libraries in Australia.

I have the privilege to visit the South Australian Museum and going inside the gallery for the third time nothing like seeing it again for the fourth time. I have understand the protocols going to this museum and have spoken to the security guards before who patrols the halls what do to and what not to do inside museum.

Its Always FREE Entry

The South Australian Museum is opened seven days a week, which varies its trade hours that you can find out on their website. This museum allows FREE entry to walk-ins EXCEPT for the featured gallery, where an area is closed off and you need to purchase a ticket to see that side where they feature an artist and his/her work.

If you want the full access of the museum the South Australian Museum offers memberships that give you discounts and also exclusive entry to upcoming special launches and featured exhibits that you need to pay for at the main entrance.

No Flash Photography

For any tourist and first time visitor of the South Australian Museum you should know the rules about taking photos inside a museum. Some museums don’t even allow you to bring your camera and take photos of the exhibits, which means you have to leave them in your bag at the baggage counter or not bring a bag at all. Because some museums don't even have a baggage counter that some have a list of "not to do" unlike in South Australian Museum that has very basic and simple rules.

Inside the SA Museum they allow you to take photos, though not with your flash mode turned on as you’ll notice that this place is well lighted. Just be discrete and respectful about the exhibits on display and don’t go on a photo capturing rampage like taking pictures of each subject.

Eye Catching & Controversial Exhibits

Personally the all-time favorite exhibit in this museum is the miniature diorama by Jake & Dinos Chapman its where they depicted how hell looks like during World War II using intricate figurines in pain or gruesomely punished to death. When I first saw it in December 2014 I was blown away.

What made it as one of my favorite exhibit is because some of the McDonald’s characters were depicted in the most hellish situations including Grimace in a difficult situation that most people can’t imagine. Another exhibit that boggles the mind that received so much controversy is two dead horses hanging upside down.

It’s an art installation by Belgian artist Berlinde De Bruyckere flogging a dead horse titled “We Are Flesh,” De Bruyckere's intertwined horse sculpture, which was cast in epoxy resin then covered in real horse skin, is something to look at that has some call it controversial.

Museum Cafes, Souvenirs and Exit

Beside the regular exhibit you see inside there’s also the non-paid exhibit of Divided Worlds that runs from March to June 2018. For those who spent most of their time inside the museum they also have a Museum Café and a souvenir shop next to a mini-workshop where your kids can do art and face painting.

Overall the South Australian Museum is one of the places a tourist can visit or just appreciate art at its finest event Jollibee had seen it. The museum is open and its free entry in most areas beside that you can also take a home a souvenir. If you have the time make the visit as in South Australia every day is “Museum Day.”

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