Sunday, May 20, 2018

Thundercats Roar | Death of Nostalgia?

05.20.2018 – For those who never knew much what came out in the 1980s growing up watching cartoons you’ll probably have heard about the Thundercats. It’s one of those classic cartoons that came out back in the day and had a brief revival in 2011.

The story follows cat-like humanoid aliens who crash to Third Earth from their doomed planet Thundera led by Lion-O and a cast of characters that make up the survivors off the series were they encounter the inhabitants of this planet as well as their enemies who followed them.

In 2011, Warner Bros announced a new series based on the classic animated series with a new twist and like any franchise Bandai produced a range of action figures as well ass the classic characters. The series was received with acclaim with longtime fans rejoicing that this reboot would help introduced the series to the new generation.

Sadly, The Thundercats series from 2011 was canceled after 26 episodes with a cliffhanger that was unresolved. It was one of the best revivals aside from the comic books Wildstorm and DC Comics have published in the past. Even though the show was canceled the merchandise still produced. But the ones officially released by Bandai slowly folded after the third wave of figures and vehicles.

Fast forward to 2018 was the year of revivals has come to roost in American television and selected overseas markets. Yesterday Warner Bros Television has released a behind-the-scenes feature on the upcoming “Thundercats Roar” that will debut in 2019 as one of the new shows for Cartoon Network.

At first, for someone who is still reeling and hoping for 2011 to come back, you’d never expect it coming. My initial reaction is its “fun” nod to the classic after seeing the clip it was NOPE. Initial reactions to fans who have been clamoring for the 2011 series revival was VERY unhappy about this that a new Thundercats has been revealed comparing it to Teen Titans Go.

I’m not really that butthurt about this but dusting off an IP to just keep it going without thinking about what the fans really want to be getting a lot disappointed. The quality of animation in America has simply gone down over the years with the way new cartoons are portrayed as dumbing down looks cool but it's not.

The Japanese animation continues to break grounds with the way stories are told. When the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were announced revealing character designs it was a mixed fanfare, but personally, for me, I was done after seeing the 2012 series fulfilling nostalgia that will be a benchmark for standards. With Thundercats, it’s a different kind of animal as to how you remake it and that 2011 series was probably not the best but it brought nostalgia at the same time it was introduced for a new generation.

Honestly, if this actually comes out in 2019 will still “try” to watch one episode. But for someone who grew up seeing the classics, I won’t say it would pass up for everyone. It would be great if they brought back the 2011 series.

I don’t know about you but what do you think?

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