Friday, May 26, 2017

In Photography | Road Repair Work

05.26.2017 – Everyday there’s something new to see in South Australia its either some weird bird watching from a tree or just a random rubbish truck stealing someone’s garbage.

But today its just a rare road repair work that’s seamlessly been finished in less than forty eight hours.

It’s rare that you see the city of Marion make repair work in suburb streets.

This was just one of those days seeing them put the finishing touches on the new asphalt laid over in some parts of Sturt late in the noon time.

In this week’s “In Photography Series” are some images taken in the streets of Sturt in the city of Marion. It’s hard to compare how the roads are being repaired in the Philippines. But obviously with bureaucracy and red tape the quality of how roads in the Philippines looks like they’ve short changed.

In South Australia they replace badly damaged asphalt by removing them entirely and this construction work only took less than three days excluding the addition of the new replacement. In the Philippines of course is entirely different the damaged asphalt is not replaced, but it was buried by its new replacement and construction work takes a week to finish or one section of the street and its obvious how quality is entirely non-existent.

These photos will definitely show you how clean and well replaced the old asphalt in this street and that’s how you do it.

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