Thursday, May 4, 2017

Star Wars Day | 4th of May Be With You

05.04.2017 – Today is “Star Wars Day” but Toy Kingdom had already started the celebration day earlier opening the event with the 501st Legion Philippines Garrison to fans and walk-in mall visitor with programs happening on stage.

Its second day just happened today which will continue up until 7th of May that’s Sunday. The 501st team will be back to close out the five day event with their appearance.

But for the curious visitor who has not been lost to the galaxy here’s something what you should see inside the event area for Star Wars Day…

Star Wars is a merchandising machine ranging from collectibles to anything related to the galaxy from far away. Toy Kingdom hosting this event is launching limited edition collectible action figures to celebrate 40 years of George Lucas’ creation. But it not all the toys you’ll ever see there you may get some ideas for your kids or a few kidults who grew up wielding Nerf blasters or swinging a custom lightsaber.

These are the Troopers to Pose for

Before you enter the Star Wars Day event area registrations is a must and once you’re done you get to see LEGO built BB-8 to welcome you, but usually for anyone who wants to have a momentous experience you head to have your picture taken beside a First Order Stormtrooper insides the corridors of a Star Destroyer or have two classic Stormtrropers in a scene guarding the entrance in Endor

Build, Create & Have Fun with LEGO

There’s a LEGO section in the Star Wars Day area, where kids can get their hands-on building their Star Wars inspired creations while Kylo Ren and Rey made out of bricks watch over in what you’ll be putting together for the mini activities.

Galactic Cakes of the Empire

It’s not unusual but you get to have an idea how to celebrate an occasion with cakes and one section of the Star Wars Day are have them lined up on display. Every Star Wars fan would want to have cake on their birthday and inspired from the films here’s an idea you’ll want to have not even Jabba won’t ruin it.

Merchandise, Toys, and More

Of course ANYONE won’t ignore the toys from Hasbro and Star Wars sets from LEGO are there. Even displays of action figures and vehicles from private collectors are on exhibit that might get you interested in some of the current stuff available for the next few days of Star Wars Days. I’m sure would like a BB-8 or First Order Stromtrooper phone case to Star Wars-ified my phone.

There are character USBs too if you’re not into collecting the toys just check that part of the section. If you’re not entirely into buying stuff or into collecting merchindises just have fun and shoot some targets using a Star Wars inspired Nerf blaster.

Star Wars Day is not only celebrated every fourth of May for anyone who appreciated the fandom it should be everyday even if The Last Jedi won’t be out until this December nothing can stop you to have fun in the galaxy from far away.

For now if you just want to hang around SM Megamall just head out to the basement event area and have a good Star Wars Day and for now May the Fourth Be With You!

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