Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Night for Comics with Friends & Strangers

06.20.2017 – Comics has been a popular medium since there have been A LOT of materials being dug up to be produced in another form of media like movies and videogames, which expands to that idea that this has slowly became a mainstream.

But to be honest it’s not what you’d hope for if you’re work or creation is relatively unknown. Though comics is also good as a teaching tool for those who wants to tell a good story in smaller population in South Australia its rare to find some who actually make this workshop happen.

You’ll be surprise also that they don’t charge you, but small contribution to keep it moving each month would be great too.

The work shop is called “Comics with Friends and Strangers” which celebrated their fourth anniversary last night if I’m not mistaken. They held this gathering once a month at the Box Factory within the city. This was my first to attend this event and finding out the organizers where the ones behind the independently published “JAM Comics” that I donated to Komikon Inc’s library last April before I flew back here.

You’d be surprise the people who attended last night’s workshop, which surprises me that doesn’t pass up as a comic book artist. They’re unlike the usual self-proclaimed geeks in the Philippines, but every single person there has their own story to share through doing the ‘JAM’ comic strips.

The workshop is simple and this was how the indie published ‘JAM Comics’ (still available at Greenlight Comics) is being done. The organizers hand out a blank piece of paper that has already panels divided into three.

The idea is an artist or random stranger starts doing a comic strip then pass off to the next person who would follow the story for the first drawn panel. The most challenging part is wrapping up a short story, which is nerve wrecking in a good way because you have to figure out how to end the narrative from there and it was heaps of fun when you’re the one ending up doing it.

Someone from the local comics’ community in the Philippines had a similar idea, but it kept from pushing through due to lack of support. But this is something interesting to hopefully be adapted even if a small group organize it. The all need a proper push as its different here in South Australia having a smaller community.

Most of the works done by those who attended the workshop has been shared through the organizers social media sites.

For more about the monthly gatherings and featured works LIKE “Comics With Friends and Strangers” on Facebook and follow on Instagram at: @ComicsWithFriendsAndStrangers

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