Saturday, December 1, 2012

Travel Journals: The Flight to Iloilo!

12.01.2012 – It’s rarely I travel but for this year I went to Singapore in August/September and was in Davao a few months back.

This might be my last trip for 2012 and it had to be in Iloilo which I haven’t been since when I was younger.

Not quite too young but almost a teenager and I can’t recall the place I’ve been.

So a few friends from the Philippine comics industry invited me and booked a flight going to Iloilo for its very first convention which its venue will be in one of popular malls in the city.

Honestly. I’m excited but not too thrilled though the enthusiasm seeing a different place captivates me if the word is so strong for you. Just that the curiosity for travel has always caught my interest. I’m not good at writing about my experiences during these travels but it certainly gave me a wider perspective on a lot of things.

The trip was scheduled before the break of dawn and I haven’t slept since last night. We’re practically bummed out but the excitement of travel and going to another place certainly gives us the urge to see this place.

Of course most of us after we got in the plane where practically admiring the view from the plane’s window or entirely sleeping with our thought wandering.

Most of my time in the plane was dozing on and off while thinking about what to do next year and have one more personal trip before ending the year. I could have done that prior to Singapore but I was so caught up with too many things in-between.

There were too many priorities in the midst of the events I have gone and went but I always think of my second home in Davao. How it’s different from Iloilo but both places have something to offer the difference is Davao is very special to me. But then again I’m here sitting in my hotel room writing about the trip that happened earlier today.

When we arrived in Iloilo I never thought the airport would be near the city but it’s quite far. But there’s no traffic involve which makes the time more convenient compared to the hellish clogged roads of Manila.

We came early… Too early to check-in to our hotel which we manage to pay extra this is no big deal. Usually the earliest you check-in is at noon time the standard time is at 2PM.

Now that we’re in our rooms I just let the TV on while my designated buddy catches some sleep as he didn’t get to have a decent rest as I have the night before. Internet here is paid not part of the service and the hotel I stayed had one in the lobby.

Then again this is a different place and it’s good to have a mobile internet with you when travel permits which is a convenient way to be equipped.

Not much photos taken since most of us in the group are either tired or lack of sleep but then again we’re here at Iloilo and ready to explore. Beside the convention happening on Sunday hopefully we get to see more interesting things outside our comfort zone.

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