Monday, May 25, 2015

TOP TEN: Reasons why Matthew Dellavedova is not a Dirty Player.

05.25.2015 – Matthew Dellavedova is a point guard playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. This 2013 undrafted player from St. Mary’s College of California is getting quite a media attention during the start of the playoffs that’s turning a lot of heads.

Mostly the fans who have seen him play during the playoffs has been noticing a pattern to his “strategic” way of going up against the opposing team’s best players and here to present you my personal ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ TOP TEN…

This TOP TEN came from the home office of Caloocan City giving you quotes, reactions and what is Matthew Dellavedova is doing in the NBA Playoffs…

“The TOP TEN reasons Matthew Dellavedoava is not a ‘Dirty Player’!”

10. His last name is hard to remember and spell correctly.

09. Kyrie Irving didn’t start the game 3 instead they have Dellavedova ready to get dirty instead.

08. Bill Laimbeer is a dirty player. John Salley is a dirty player. But Matthew Dellavedova IS NOT a dirty player. – Reggie Miller

07. Dellavedova prefers to do the scissors lock with Taj Gibson of the Chicago Bulls on the basketball court than his wife in the bedroom.

06. He’s not a member of the Bush League, but does know how to kick-start a brawl that puts the Cleveland Cavaliers in the winning column.

05. Coach David Blatt is complaining why Dellavedova only received a technical.

04. Kyle Korver had a serious knee injury in the game 2 of the Easter Conference Finals and won’t return for the remainder of the playoffs because of Dellavedova.

03. When Al Hoford of the Atlanta Hawks tried to do the same style of play and strategy on Matthew Dellavedova he gets thrown out of the game with a Flagrant II and a possible suspension.

02. Probably the reason why Matthew Dellavedova can get away with it is because he’s playing with LeBron James.

… And the TOP TEN reasons why Matthew Dellavedova is not a dirty player because...

01. He’s JUST a scrappy player.

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