Sunday, May 24, 2015

Reel Review: The Future is Tomorrowland!

05.24.2015 – Tomorrowland said to be this wonderful place and everyone is talking about this film since the teaser was revealed almost a year go. This is a part of Disney theme parks that came to be a film with the lead star in George Clooney.

This is not the first time Disney made one of their theme parks into film. If you’ve been to one I guess you have seen Pirates of the Caribbean that became a blockbuster franchise and still filming its fifth film and why you should also see Tomorrowland…

The film’s original title was "1952" and then official re-titled as “Tomorrowland” inspired from the actual theme park that you’ll see in all five Disney Parks and Resorts around the world.

Disney envisioned it a utopia and inspiration from Jules Verne’s vision of the future that also have the elements of space travel, technology, and what should the future would look like if a certain place like “Tomorrowland” ever existed.

Brad Bird’s Future Vision

From helming Disney Pixar’s “The Incredibles” to putting together the best theme to helm “Mission Impossible: Ghost ProtocolBrad Bird has put together an impressive resume of films in a short time. With “Tomorrowland” you’ll ever wonder if he’ll als pull it off the way his previous films caught your attention.

The visuals and the pace of the film were just right. If you’re inside the cinema and observed the crowd’s reaction is not verbally excited but you’ll get an honest film that they are trying to figure out what is this “Tomorrowland” that everyone seems to talk about that’s getting all this attention.

Remember how Brad Bird’s film was a Disney Pixar animation and his last was about a secret agent that most underlying theme he’s good at sequence is more of the action, while the narrative is great for “Tomorrowland” there’s an uneven synergy.

A Bag Guy in the House

David Nix looks very familiar and yes o course its Hugh Laurie portraying as the facto leader of this place called “Tomorrowland” seems like more of a villain from a spy film that doesn’t show any sense of humanity that seemed monotonous in leading a community that thinks of the future.

Then again if you’ve seen the former House television series you’ll realize that this is the same guy who portrayed it minus the cynic and narcissist who’s addicted to the drug called Vicodin. But in this film his addiction of being leader who think what the future should be is not villainous enough to see why there’s something missing.

The Chosen Ones

There are no chosen ones only those who make their own future and in the case of George Clooney’s Frank Walker or Britt Robertson’s Casey Newton they have all figured out what the future needs which includes who to be inspired.

But mostly the story has focused on Britt Robertson’s Casey Newton the young heroine has her hands full but continues to be as optimistic despite what she sees in the present regarding the end of the world. She’s someone who sees what’s wrong and right of this world but still continues to believe there’s a solution to these challenges.

Frank Walker on the other hand has simply given up, but doesn’t show that he has let go of that the future will end and this is what compliments Britt Robinson’s character that pushes Walker to see that there is a better future.

Be Inspired not just Dream

Disney has been known for these kinds of films that inspires the young viewers. In Flight of the Navigator it makes you want to believe that it’s possible to travel in space and be inspired to take that adventure further.

With Tomorrowland it’s about having an optimistic future despite the weigh down of the narrative. It still delivers a clear message that the future can be a better place if you only be inspired and not just dream about it. Having all the visual spectacle and impressive action sequence it had a thrill on its own that can be enjoyed by everyone.

“Tomorrowland” is NOW SHOWING in Philippine cinemas from Walt Disney Studios distributed by Columbia Pictures Philippines.


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