Tuesday, June 9, 2015

B-Dubs is Opening in the Philippines!

06.09.2015 – Buffalo Wild Wings is finally making it to the Philippines, the Grill and Sports Bar has been established in America since 1982. The Minnesota-based company has already 1080 branches (as of February 2015).

If you have NBA Premium TV in your cable channel chances are you’ve probably seen a couple of TV commercials that’s quite catchy what they stand for. Alternately known is “B-Dubs” lives up to serve not only sports enthusiast but the entire family too…

The company that opened its first branch in Columbus, Ohio continues to expand not only in the United States, but also throughout the world and Filipinos are sports fans that deserve the best place to enjoy their chicken wings at B-Dubs.

Being a basketball country the Philippines is also enjoy chicken and B-Dubs is probably the newest place to watch the games while having a fine dining. If you haven’t seen one of the TV commercial then watch them below:

Buffalo Wild Wings is opening in Glorietta Mall sometime in July and for more about the Grill & Sports Bar Buffalo Wild Wings Philippines on Facebook!

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