Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sports Illustraited Swimsuit Teaser!

02.18.2014 – The moment of waiting is for is finally here as Sports Illustrated has shared a teaser image from the upcoming Swimsuit Edition featuring the luscious Kate Upton in her two piece swim wear.

This year celebrates its 50th Anniversary and that’s something worth looking forward to see in the newest issue.

If last year’s “Winter Edition” was not as warm as you think then think again with this image of Ms. Upton in a more tropical setting to welcome summer. The magazine is set to be released in North America today and one image can’t justify enough.

The Swimsuit Edition has been the most anticipated magazine from Sports Illustrated and has become sort of an annual event in print.

There has been a Philippine Edition published by ABS-CBN Publishing, but the North American Edition is something else entirely with some of the advertisement attached to magazine is tailor-made to its release.

Yesterday they released the teaser video for you to anticipate more about the magazine and yes you can stop salivating now that it’s hitting the stores. But this video is irresistible not seeing all the fine ladies in their sexiest swimsuit is like making your eyes go blind just watching it:

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition celebrates is 50th anniversary and the latest magazine hits magazine stores today. For more details about the latest issue LIKE Sports Illustrated Swimsuit on Facebook and follow on Twitter: @SI_Swimsuit

Visit the site at: swimdaily.si.com

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